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Spirits are a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls.

General information[]

Spirits are glimpses of other players in other worlds, briefly showing what that player was doing. They can not be interacted with in any meaningful sense, and disappear after just a few seconds.

There are two ways for spirits to appear in the player's world.

  • Spirits may sometimes appear at random anywhere in the world
  • Spirits will appear when activating Bloodstains and enact the events leading up to their death.

When summoned as a phantom into another player's world, any NPCs in the area will appear as spirits, and thus can not be interacted with.


Spirits appear as transparent light blue hollowed figures. They do not wear any armor and do not directly show what equipment that player was wearing. Instead what weapons they carry represent what class of weapon they actually have. Quivers and Bolt Quivers can also be seen if they are equipped. Spirits also ignore the aspects of character creation, and all use the Average body type, while all males are represented with the Receding hairstyle, and all females are represented with the Ponytail A hairstyle.

While most of the time a spirit's appearance is left vague and undefined, their true form can be seen when they approach within range of a bonfire.


Below is a list of weapons representing each weapon class:

Weapon Class Weapon
Axes Wpn Battle Axe
Battle Axe
Greataxes Wpn Greataxe
Hammers Wpn Mace
Great Hammers Wpn Great Club
Great Club
Daggers Wpn Dagger
Gauntlets Wpn Caestus
Whips Wpn Whip
Halberds Wpn Halberd
Spears Wpn Spear
Bows Wpn Short Bow
Short Bow
Crossbows Wpn Light Crossbow
Light Crossbow
Thrusting Swords Wpn Rapier
Straight Swords Wpn Longsword
Greatswords Wpn Claymore
Ultra Greatswords Wpn Greatsword
Curved Swords Wpn Scimitar
Curved Greatswords Wpn Murakumo
Katanas Wpn Uchigatana
Catalysts Cata Logans Catalyst
Logan's Catalyst
Talismans No Image
Small Shields Leather shield
Leather Shield
Medium Shields Tower kite shieldCaduceus kite shield
Kite Shield
Greatshields Eagle shield
Eagle Shield


  • Since NPCs appear as spirits to phantoms, if the host engages in combat with them, a phantom will be unable to assist them. However NPC spirits are still physical entities and phantoms can block their path by standing in narrow passageways and not allowing them to pass.