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For other uses, see Spin Slash.

Spin Slash is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Slice into foes with a large spinning motion, and continue spinning to transition into strong attack.


This variant of Spin Slash is shared by the heavy curved swords of the Falchion class.

The wielder begins with a two-handed clockwise spin with the weapon. Inputting a strong attack during or shortly after the spin will perform two more spins; the first is a short and small spin low to the ground that further inflicts stun on the target, opening them up for the third and final spin, which is stronger and has a larger arc.


Single Player[]

The strong spin on the second part of the skill has great coverage, and can be useful for inflicting tremendous damage to a group of foes in front of the player. Be wary that careful spacing must be observed, as this skill does not grant Hyper Armor and thus can be easily interrupted.


The greatest advantage this skill provides is that it is completely un-parriable, meaning that it can be used to punish players who attempt to parry the weapon's other attacks. Unlike the Scimitar's version of Spin Slash, it also does not leave the wielder airborne and vulnerable to punish, and can be useful in fighting ganks due to the wide horizontal coverage of the third spin.

It can also be used to punish players who attempt to use their Estus Flask while within the threat range of this weapon. Should the wielder be able to connect with a two-handed strong attack, they can true combo into the full weapon art, dealing tremendous damage and likely more than cancelling out the entirety of the health recovered.