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The Spider's Silk is a thrusting sword in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Thrusting sword forged from the soul of the Duke's Dear Freja. Its needle-like blade can easily pierce the seams of the toughest armor.
Supposedly, the duke himself, an eccentric soul fascinated with spiders, went on to take a form that was far from human.
Effect: shield piercing (strong attack)


The weapon can be obtained by trading the Soul of The Duke's Dear Freja to Weaponsmith Ornifex, along with 1,500 souls.


This weapon has a very low base damage and requires a lot of reinforcement to become good. Great weapon for PvE when power stanced, however its low durability and counter damage might be unattractive. There are better alternatives, like Ricard's Rapier or the Estoc.

It must be mentioned that this weapon is similar to the Mail Breaker, as they both are thrusting swords with the ability to bypass shields. However, the Mail Breaker has less overall damage, and has half the range of the Spider's Silk, but it has a superior counter-strength, a 50% more durability and it has the highest critical modifier in the thrusting sword category, being even superior to daggers.

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