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The Soldier Key is a key in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Key to the soldier's door in the Forest of Fallen Giants.
A fort was erected in the forest to face the Giants, but now the soldiers are lost and Hollowed.
They are enfeebled, but not without honor, and continue to steadfastly defend their country.


Dropped by The Last Giant in the Forest of Fallen Giants.


The Soldier Key is used to unlock various doors in the Forest of Fallen Giants:

  • The door to gain access to the second encounter with The Pursuer, located through a passageway and to the right beyond the Old Ironclad Soldier.
  • The door directly above the Cardinal Tower bonfire, reached by climbing the stairs in the same room. This door can also be broken open with a weapon, so the key is of little use here.
  • The door down the ladder and across the small bridge below the Cardinal Tower bonfire. Used to obtain the Ring of Restoration.
  • Allows access to the Soldiers' Rest bonfire.