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Snuggly's Nest
"You, you. Give me, warm. Give me, soft."
— Snuggly the Crow

Snuggly the Crow is an invisible NPC in Dark Souls. She is similar to Sparkly the Crow in Demon's Souls, as she accepts particular items in exchange for other useful items.


Snuggly is located in the Northern Undead Asylum, on a small ridge to the right of the asylum itself, just before the cliff where the Chosen Undead is grabbed by the Giant Crow and where a larger nest appears after the player returns to the Asylum from Firelink Shrine.

Snuggly's nest is not the same in which the player is dropped by the Giant Crow. Instead, walking forward about twenty feet toward the asylum and turning left will bring the player to the correct trading location. Dropping an item in the wrong nest will result in its permanent loss.


In order to exchange items with Snuggly, one must drop an item in her nest and wait for her response. If she says "No, no... that no soft... that no warm," she won't accept it. If she does not respond, the item has either been placed outside her nest, or she will accept it. Successfully completing the trade can be done in many ways. The player can quit and reload the game, use Homeward Bone or Homeward Miracle, or fall off the ledge and return to the nest (remembering to first rest at the bonfire in the Asylum). The exchange item should be now in her nest. Note that each item trade can only be performed once per playthrough.

This is a table of all known trades:

Give Receive
Item Bloodred Moss Clump.png
Bloodred Moss Clump
Item Twinkling Titanite.png
Twinkling Titanite
Item Purple Moss Clump.png
Purple Moss Clump
Item Twinkling Titanite.png
Twinkling Titanite
Item Blooming Purple Moss Clump.png
Blooming Purple Moss Clump
Item Twinkling Titanite.png
Twinkling Titanite ×2
Item Cracked Red Eye Orb.png
Cracked Red Eye Orb
Item Purging Stone.png
Purging Stone ×2
Item Rubbish.png
Item Titanite Chunk.png
Titanite Chunk
Item Dung Pie.png
Dung Pie
Item Demon Titanite.png
Demon Titanite
Item Egg Vermifuge.png
Egg Vermifuge
Item Dragon Scale.png
Dragon Scale
Item Humanity.png
Ring Ring of Sacrifice.png
Ring of Sacrifice
Item Twin Humanities.png
Twin Humanities
Ring Rare Ring of Sacrifice.png
Rare Ring of Sacrifice
Item Pendant.png
Item Souvenir of Reprisal.png
Souvenir of Reprisal
Item Prism Stone.png
Prism Stone
Item Demon Titanite.png
Demon Titanite
Pyro Pyromancy Flame.png
Pyromancy Flame (unupgraded)
Item Red Titanite Chunk.png
Red Titanite Chunk
Ascended Pyromancy Flame.png
Ascended Pyromancy Flame (unupgraded)
Item Red Titanite Slab.png
Red Titanite Slab
Ring Ring of the Sun Princess.png
Ring of the Sun Princess
Item Divine Blessing.png
Divine Blessing ×2
Wpn Demon's Great Hammer.png
Demon's Great Hammer
Item Skull Lantern.png
Skull Lantern
Ring Ring of Fog.png
Ring of Fog
Soul of Manus.png
Soul of Manus (AotA)
Pursuers (AotA)
Helm Sunlight Maggot.png
Sunlight Maggot
Ring Old Witch's Ring.png
Old Witch's Ring
Misc Sunlight Medal.png
Sunlight Medal
Item White Titanite Chunk.png
White Titanite Chunk
Helm Xanthous Crown.png
Xanthous Crown
Ring Ring of Favor and Protection.png
Ring of Favor and Protection


  • It is impossible to exchange more than one item at a time in order to make multiple trades. For example, if one places two Bloodred Moss Clumps in Snuggly's nest, the player will receive only one Twinkling Titanite. However, all exchanges can be repeated during subsequent playthroughs.
  • Dropping two different items will result in only the first being traded.


  • She is never seen or interacted with directly (similar to Sparkly the Crow in Demon's Souls). She only speaks to the player.
  • The name "Snuggly" is never heard within the game. She was given her name when a Dark Souls player called her Snuggly during pre-release play testing.[citation needed]


  • A previous glitch made it possible to trade for more items at a time. The player would place the item to be traded in the nest and quit the game, then reload, and before picking up the new item, deposit another copy of the same item. Upon quitting and reloading, the nest would contain two copies of the new item. This could be done multiple times until the player finally collected the items. This bug has been fixed as of patch 1.05.