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Sinners' Rise is a location in Dark Souls II.


Sinners' Rise is a lone tower, apart from The Lost Bastille. At the base of the tower, reached via plank elevator, are the cells. The furthest cell, separated from the rest of the tower by a narrow path above the sea, houses the Lost Sinner.

Scholar of the First Sin:

Enemy placements have been changed; there is now only one Royal Swordsman next to The Saltfort bonfire. At the bottom of Sinners' Rise, the Enhanced Undead are now gone in NG, replaced by a Flexile Sentry. You will have to deal with the force of Enhanced Undead and Flexile Sentry in NG+ and beyond. The door that required the Bastille Key to open that had a Fire Seed in it now contains a Heide Knight armed with a spear; he drops the spear upon death. The Sublime Bone Dust in the water area has been removed, replaced by the Blossom Kite Shield.


Sinners' Rise is where high level prisoners were taken during Drangleic's height.

Adjacent locations[]


  • The Saltfort: After crossing the battlements leading to Sinners' Rise, from The Lost Bastille, cross the room to the door way.  Climb the ladder to the right of the doorway, and the bonfire is just at the top.  It should be noted that this bonfire is in the line of fire of three crossbow-wielding Royal Swordsmen and can be shot at as soon as the player stands up. Players can remain safe when resting at the bonfire. Upon arrival for the first time, a Belfry Gargoyle (three for SotFS) can be seen, as well as heard, flying over the bridge towards Belfry Luna.