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For Sin in other games, see Sin and Sin (Dark Souls III).

Sin is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls II.

General information[]

Sin is the overall representation of evil deeds committed by the player. Sin affects how often the player is invaded by Arbiter Spirits.

Gaining Sin[]

Sin is gained in the following ways:

Dragon Remnants members cannot gain sin by using the Dragon Eye, and members of the Blue Sentinels will not gain sin by hunting down sinners or assisting other members of the Way of Blue covenant.

Absolving Sin[]

Sin can be absolved in one of two ways. One way is to be killed by an arbiter spirit, the other is to seek a pardon from Cromwell the Pardoner

When invading, if a Blue Sentinel comes to assist and the invading player is killed, they will lose one point of sin.

In the Scholar of the First Sin, players can absolve their sins for free once for each character.

Levels of Sin[]

The following table displays the different levels of sin that can be acquired.

Sin count Status
0 None
10 Sinner
100 Wretch

Wretch status removes the cap related to the total amount of health that can be lost after multiple deaths. Normally, this cap is 50% (10 deaths at 5% HP loss per death). A Wretch will continue to lose 5% HP per death after the 10th time. In other words, the player will have only 5% of their maximum Health after dying nineteen (19) times (95% of their health bar will be empty).

This can, however, be used with great effect when using the Dark Pyromancy Flame, since it scales off the player's hollowing. Additionally, by using the Ring of Binding, the player will mostly offset such a steep loss of health by keeping it at about 75%.