The Silver Knight Spear is a spear in Dark Souls

In-Game Description

The silver knights of Anor Londo guard the city using this beautifully slender weapon.
The spear can be wielded by both hands in a focused thrust that uses one's body weight, or swung in a large sweeping motion.


Uncommonly dropped by Silver Knights (Spear) in Anor Londo.


The Silver Knight Spear has the second highest reach out of any spear, tied with the Pike and Dragonslayer Spear, and only outmatched by the Demon's Spear.

The Silver Knight Spear is the only weapon with the Divine Auxiliary Effect whose damage is not reliant on Faith. This makes it a good alternative to use in the The Catacombs and Tomb of the Giants if one has the Strength and Dexterity to wield it, but no Faith. However, this also means it cannot be buffed.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Standard spear thrust.
Strong Attack
Large radius horizontal slash, with moderate windup and recovery. Further input activates a vertical overhead slam.
Weak Attack
Identical to the one-handed weak attack.
Strong Attack
Thrusts forwards with one hand. Long range, medium starting lag.
Jump Attack Player jumps and thrusts forwards.
Running Attack Player takes an extra step, then thrusts forwards.
Rolling Attack Player takes one step after roll, then slams spear down like a club.
Kick Standard kick.
Weak Attack
Strong Attack
Identical to one handed weak attack.


Requires: Twinkling Titanite and 2,000 souls per upgrade.
Variation Attack Values Parameter Bonus Damage Reduction
Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Para str Para dex Para int Para faith Dmgrd phy Dmgrd mag Dmgrd fire Dmgrd lght
Silver Knight Spear 163 E C 40 10 30 30
Silver Knight Spear +1 (Twinkling Titanite ×1) 179 E C 40 10 30 30
Silver Knight Spear +2 (Twinkling Titanite ×1) 195 E C 40 10 30 30
Silver Knight Spear +3 (Twinkling Titanite ×2) 211 E C 40 10 30 30
Silver Knight Spear +4 (Twinkling Titanite ×2) 228 E C 40 10 30 30
Silver Knight Spear +5 (Twinkling Titanite ×4) 244 E C 40 10 30 30


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