Shulva, Sanctum City is a location in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King.


Shulva is a vast, underground city featuring stepped pyramids and long, mechanically-manipulated bridges. There are also a number of elevators, sliding walls and rotating doors suggesting that, perhaps, the former citizens were well-educated and inventive. They were also suspicious of sorcery and preferred to put their trust in faith and miracles. Within the city is the Dragon's Sanctum where a cult of priestesses and their guardian knights worshiped the tortured dragon Sinh under the guidance of Elana, the Squalid Queen.


Shulva was a city built around a slumbering dragon that was worshipped as a deity. It was governed by the Sunken King and Elana. The dragon slept in the interior of the sanctum where priestess would attempt to soothe it with calming melodies. Eventually the city of Shulva was attacked by Sir Yorgh and the Drakeblood Knights, who sought the blood of the dragon in order to obtain a true understanding of life. The guardians of the city were overmatched and the Sunken King was defeated. Sir Yorgh entered the sanctum and tried to kill the dragon with his spear but instead awoke it from its sleep. As it woke up it spewed a toxic fog that quickly killed Sir Yorgh and filled the entire city rendering it uninhabitable. Elana, filled with rage after the defeat of the king, took on her true form and now collects souls while continuing to protect the city and the dragon.

Adjacent locationsEdit


  • Sanctum Walk: After entering the DLC via Black Gulch, progress through the level. Players will encounter a scripted event with Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon before reaching the bonfire.
  • Tower of Prayer: At the top of a tower near the end of the city, around the same area as the path that leads to the bridge into Dragon's Sanctum. Can be reached by raising four pillars and then traversing over the top to reach the tower, or by hitting the pillar switch closest to the tower and then riding the pillar up to the bonfire.
  • Priestess' Chamber: Requires the Eternal Sanctum Key, which can be obtained inside Dragon's Sanctum. Just inside of Dragon's Sanctum, a door can be unlocked that leads to the top of the sanctum, allowing players to access a bridge that leads back out and towards the bonfire. However, they will be invaded by a Dark Spirit as they approach the bonfire. Near the bonfire an elevator can be unlocked that leads back into the city, and the path to Cave of the Dead.




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