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For the Dark Souls variant, see Short Bow.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Short Bow (Dark Souls II).

The Short Bow is a bow in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Standard small bow. Its size allows for quick shots.
Arrows must be equipped in order to use bows. Up to two kinds of arrow can be equipped at a time, and these can be switched between as necessary.
Skill: Rapid Fire
Swiftly nocks arrows with finesse after drawing the bow, allowing for consecutive shots.



A very basic bow, the Short Bow nonetheless can be a capable weapon in the right hands.

With very low Strength and Dexterity requirements, virtually any character can wield the Short Bow with only minor stat investments; it is also the lightest ranged weapon in the game, allowing it to be easily carried without worrying about Vitality investment. However, with its short range, it is not well-suited to dealing sustained damage against distant targets, and serves only to draw aggro in this respect.

What the Short Bow excels at is engaging foes at lock-on range. It is able to perform rolling and running attacks, a trait only shared by the Composite Bow and White Birch Bow, and its skill allows it to put multiple arrows on target quickly.


Upgrade Level Attack Values Aux. Effects Bonuses
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Dark Bleed Poison DSIIIWFrost Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith
Short Bow 77 E D
Short Bow +1 (Titanite Shard ×2 & 340 souls) 84 E D
Short Bow +2 (Titanite Shard ×4 & 408 souls) 92 E D
Short Bow +3 (Titanite Shard ×6 & 476 souls) 100 E D
Short Bow +4 (L. Titanite Shard ×2 & 544 souls) 107 E D
Short Bow +5 (L. Titanite Shard ×4 & 612 souls) 115 E D
Short Bow +6 (L. Titanite Shard ×6 & 680 souls) 123 E D
Short Bow +7 (Titanite Chunk ×2 & 748 souls) 130 E D
Short Bow +8 (Titanite Chunk ×4 & 816 souls) 138 E D
Short Bow +9 (Titanite Chunk ×6 & 883 souls) 146 E D
Short Bow +10 (Titanite Slab ×1 & 1020 souls) 154 E D

The data displayed above are current as of Patch App 1.15 Regulation 1.35.


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