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For the shields of Dark Souls, see Shields.
For the shields of Dark Souls III, see Shields (Dark Souls III).

Shields are a type of equipment in Dark Souls II. They are a defensive weapon. Like their Dark Souls counterparts, shields have much more damage reduction and Stability than other weapons of their weight. Small and Medium Shields have another unique ability of having a block and parry with only one hand.

Although Disc Chime functions as a shield, it's not listed here because in the game it's only classified as a chime, plus none of its blocking characteristics increase with reinforcement.

Reduction Scaling[]

Shields have 3 components to damage reduction, which do not apply to other weapon types:

  • Base Block, which equals block at +0.
  • Upgrade Block, which is what it gains per upgrade and equal to (100-[Base Block])/40 x [Upgrade Level] (without compensating for +5 weapon paths vs the +10 weapon path i.e. a +5 at 5 benefits as much as a +10 at 5).
  • Scaling Block, which is equal to ([Stat Level]/99) x [Scaling Letter Multiplier] x (100 - [Base Block]), using every letter the shield says it scales with.And, for infusions,
  • Base Block is redefined for each infusion.
  • Infusions decrease elements that are not selected by the same amount, 1/8th of how much the respective element's reduction increases.
  • Upgrade Block is applied while using the new Base Block.
  • Scaling Block is applied while using the new Base Block and, the multiplier for the Scaling Letters determined post infusion.

At 99 of a stat, a +0 shield would gain these reductions on all elements:

18 12.5 10 9 8 7

Shield Base Defenses Scaling (Upgrade Levels)Base Block Increase Per LevelReduction From Letter Scaling Per Level

Calculator that shows reductions on all shields and weapons at any level https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fn7RjOCBcf6b2AnFWGs-CLdTrOyY10H497Q793XOsvk/edit?usp=sharing


Small Shields[]

Medium Shields[]


* Can only be obtained in the Crown of the Sunken King.
† Can only be obtained in the Crown of the Ivory King.