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The Shield of the Insolent is a medium shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

The shield of formerly high-ranking clerics. The effects of a blessing are still with it, and the shield recovers one's stamina.
The clerics held venerated positions once, but now, their souls wander aimlessly in the depths of a murky darkness.
Effect: stamina recovery


Can be purchased from Grave Warden Agdayne in the Undead Crypt for 6,400 souls.


The Shield of the Insolent is the only shield available that possesses two special effects. These effects being increased stamina recovery and spell parrying.

It is also capable of blocking up to 95% of all Dark damage if infused with Dark, which makes this a formidable shield in the right situation.

However, these unique benefits comes at the cost of having low stability and overall damage resistance. It also weighs slightly more than other medium shields.

Despite these drawbacks, this shield can be extremely useful if the player is fighting a Hexer or other Dark damaging enemy. It can also be of some use against non-Hex spells as well, but will rely heavily on consistent spell parries at that point.


  • This is the only shield in the game that holds two special abilities: spell parrying and stamina recovery.
  • When fully upgraded and infused with Dark, it will block 95% of any Dark damage.
  • The shield depicts the face of what seems to be an old man with a long beard, the lines that go outwards from the center of the shield may imply light or a symbol of holiness for the man in question, which makes sense as the description mentions that the shield belonged to high ranking clerics and that these were venerated, which further cements this hypothesis.