Shades are a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls II.

General informationEdit

A shade is another player summoned via the Small White Sign Soapstone, either to assist with an area or with a boss. The area boss doesn't have to be alive for a shade to be summoned, but the normal fog will appear at the boss's door, even if it is dead. If the host goes through this fog, the shade will be sent home.

Shades normally will have a white aura, Heirs of the Sun who are shades will have a gold aura, or shades can appear human by using the Ring of the Living.

There cannot be more than two shades or phantoms in a world at one time. With the release of Dark Souls II:Scholar of the First Sin, the player may now have up to three phantoms or shades.

Shades' dutyEdit

A shade has a very limited time in a player's world, and the more that is killed by the shade, the less time that is allotted. If a host or the shade dies, the shade will return to their own world in the status they were in when either person died.

Duty can be fulfilled either by defeating the area boss, or by having the timer run out during the session.

Rewards for fulfilling dutyEdit

  • Smooth & Silky Stone
  • A shade who fulfills his or her duty will have hollowing reversed and all castings restored.