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"Seath betrayed the Ancient Dragons and supported Lord Gwyn. Later, when he became the son-in-law of the King and was made Duke, he was given a fragment of his great soul."
Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard description.

Seath the Scaleless (Japanese: 白竜シース, Hepburn: Hakuryû Shiisu, lit. 'White Dragon Seath') is a boss in Dark Souls. He is one of the holders of a Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard necessary to satiate the Lordvessel.


Encountered at the top of The Duke's Archives, and later at the end of the Crystal Cave.


Seath is a large white dragon that lacks scales and has his lower body covered in crystals. He has a smooth torso that is quite humanoid and in place of legs he has several tentacle-like tendrils. He has six blue-violet wings and has long appendices extending from his head.


Dark Souls[]

Seath betrays his own kind

Seath allies himself with the Lords and betrays the dragons.

Seath is a descendant of the primordial archdragons who inhabited the world when, before the appearance of the First Flame, every element of the world was composed only of grey rocks[1].

However, due to the "Disparity" that appeared following the ignition of the First Flame[1], Seath was born with unique characteristics compared to the original archdragons as he didn't possess the rock scales that made his peers immortal[2][3]. In addition, Seath's pale and deformed body was infused with the magical power of moonlight[4] that he managed to study, using this form of magic to create weapons that catalyzed it[5][6].

Dukes archives

The immense archives of Seath.

At some point, the Four Lords who had found immense Lord Souls and built their civilizations underground[1][7], emerged to the surface with the intention of waging war against the Dragons and conquering the world for themselves. Seath thus decided to betray his race and abandon it to ally with Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight and help the Lords in their war[3][8], pillaging the Dragons of their sacred treasure: the "Primordial Crystal[9][10]. After a long struggle Gwyn and the Lords eventually emerged victorious, exterminating most of the archdragons and conquering the surface world, thus beginning the Age of Fire defined by Gwyn's power and vision[1].

Through their successful alliance against the Everlasting Dragons, Seath became a sworn friend to the Lord of Sunlight[3] and was amply rewarded for his indispensable contributions to the war. He was gifted one of Gwyn's daughter's hands in marriage, making Seath his son-in-law, and ushering in the White Dragon's acceptance to the nobility of the Gods by bestowing upon him the honorific of "Duke"[8]. After earning this title, Gwyn further gifted Seath a fragment of his powerful Lord Soul[8]. And finally, Seath was rewarded with the Royal Archives, an enormous library towering above Anor Londo, which contained all the knowledge available to the city of the gods, leaving the betrayer the freedom to do his own research[3].

Seath eventually even had a daughter with the daughter of Gwyn to whom he was married: Shira[11][12], who became close to Filianore, the Lord's last daughter[13]. However the pale dragon had little interest in matters of politics or pleasure and immersed himself in research of the scales of immortality that the ancient dragons possessed but he lacked[3]. His Archives became a magnificent pool of tomes and knowledge as the fruits of Seath's superior wisdom and unsound fixation over archiving the true immortality that was denied to him at birth[14].

Primordial Crystal Closeup

The Primordial Crystal that Seath stole from the dragons.

Seath's research thus focuses on Souls and, by learning to manipulate them, the pale dragon became the founder of sorcery[4], the art that allows to control souls and use them for any purpose. However, Seath, in possession of the powerful Primordial Crystal stolen from his race, noticed the peculiar connection between crystals and souls and the way in which this element could be used to best catalyze their power[15], as crystals represented an ideal medium to create a bond between an object and souls[16]. The revelation was the beginning of Seath's obsession with crystals. The pale dragon began to experiment with these in all sorts of ways. He managed to create a Crystal Ember capable of infusing weapons with the power of the crystals and passed this knowledge on to the Giant Blacksmith of the gods.[17]. The Crystal Cave of the Archive's inner gardens in which his Primordial Crystal was kept began to fill with crystals and new creatures resulting from the experiments of the pale dragon who created Crystal Golems animated with the powers of souls[18] and infused Undead Soldiers with crystals too[19]. He even created the soul of the Moonlight Butterflies[20], mystical creatures naturally infused with a pure and powerful crystal power[21] and moonlight magic[22], Seath's own characteristics[23], which are capable of emitting crystal sorceries and moonlight energy[24].

Channeler 01

The Channelers at the service of Seath

As a nobleman on par of the gods, Seath also had personal servants like them and he employed his Channelers, trained sorcerers that became his hands, feet and even eyes in order to reach and see what the dragon could not and help him in his researches[25][26].

More and more absorbed in his work Seath even managed to crystallize his own magical power of moonlight, creating a Greatsword that catalyzed it[4]. At the culmination of his quest Seath was finally able to achieve what he had always sought: immortality through the Primordial Crystal. By connecting his body and soul to the powerful crystal, the pale dragon gained a true insulation from death, as that no mortal blow could affect him and his wounds would close promptly as long as the crystal was intact[9]. His very breath became a powerful crystal breath with the terrifying power of a killing curse. [27].

Pisaca Render

The twisted experiments of Seath.

Over time Seath became increasingly lonely and this also eroded his sanity. Despite the fact that he was at the pinnacle of the world together with the very gods he still sought the immortality that he was born lacking and started to envy, resent and eventually hate others. This lead him to increasingly twisted experiments that toyed with life itself.[28] The achievement of his goal of immortality through crystals, at least partially, did nothing but worsen Seath's condition who had now been driven to madness by his own researches[3]. At some point, outside of marriage, Seath generated Priscilla as a crossbreed of the pale dragon and a human woman,[29][30][31]. This new creature was feared by the other gods and treated as an abomination due to her Lifehunt powers and unnatural origin.[32] Eventually she was drawn away to the cold and lonely Painted World of Ariamis, trapped within a great canvas.[33]. After this, Seath began to experiment directly on human beings to transform them into monstrous creatures with draconic features, initially obtaining snake-men, bestial beings with a snake's head and a body covered in scales[34]. As a consequence the Archives, once filled with precious books became a prison for his horrible twisted experiments[3][35] and the snake-men, who did not value knowledge, became their jailers building chaotic prisons in improvisation[36][37]. His Channelers, remaining faithful to his service even after Seath's fall into madness, continued to travel to various places for their master to kidnap subjects for his experiments[25].

At some point after Gwyn linked the First Flame and Gwyn's firstborn son was dethroned and exiled [38], nearly all of the other deities abandoned Anor Londo and moved to an unknown location[39] but Seath remained in his Archives, now completely estranged from the world and obsessed with his research. In his madness he even kidnapped the holy maidens of Gwynevere, to experiment on them and transform them into failed snake-like creatures called Pisaca[40][36][41]. As a result, although Gwyndolin, as the last remaining deity in Anor Londo, did not kill him for his actions, Seath was confined to his Archives, declared a forbidden area where no one was able to approach it due to a divine magical barrier[3].

When a Chosen Undead was able to ring the Bells of Awakening, overcome the challenges of Sen's Fortress and reach Anor Londo thus being rewarded with the Lordvessel, they would be guided by Kingseeker Frampt to find immense souls to fill the receptacle and link the fading First Flame to succeed Gwyn in his sacrifice[42]. The Undead would thus reach the Archives of Seath however, they were defeated by the immortal dragon and imprisoned in his prison. Managing to escape, the Undead would cross the dangerous Archives and reach the Crystal Cave where the Primordial Crystal was kept and that guaranteed the protection of the pale dragon. Once the crystal was destroyed, Seath would fall into the cave, challenging them but ending up killed to obtain the fragmented of the Lord Soul that Gwyn had granted him [43].

Dark Souls II[]

SotFS Najka

Some of the experiments of Seath survived and reached Drangleic.

In the region and times of Drangleic, Seath's name had, like the other Lords, largely been forgotten. However the legend of a "pale dragon" remained told in various locales even if each account was fragmentary[44]. His Moonlight Sword that shone like the brilliant rays of the moon and was born from his white being has become a thing of the oldest legends that are rarely spoken of[45]. The smithing techniques of Seath that used souls to create artifacts were preserved by a clan of Crow Demons who managed to escape the Painted World of Ariamis, though over time they too lost knowledge of him, remembering the dragons only as a white grotesque being that existed in the distant past.[46].

Despite the death of their creator, multiple moon butterflies survived over the centuries, migrating to Drangleic and mutating into lesser Great Moths and developing poisoning abilities[47]. Despite this, they remained rare and mysterious creatures that appear only on full-moon nights in winter and whose larvae have never once been spotted[48]. Additionally, other of Seath's creations survived the centuries and reached Drangleic. Manscorpion Tark and Scorpioness Najka are in fact another of Seath's many experiments on humans and the pale dragon, in addition to having fused their bodies with enormous scorpions, has cursed their souls together[49][50]Despite their condition the two were well aware of being the product of Seath's madness and his obsessive attempt to achieve immortality[28].

15885064719 5cc1bba76b o

The remnants of the Crystal Cave of Seath drifted to Drangleic.

Despite the fact that the Primordial Crystal had been destroyed and Seath killed by a Chosen Undead, the structures of the Crystal Cave managed to resist and drifted to settle underground in the south of Drangleic and the power of the white dragon lingered as a radiance inside the crystals[46][51][52]. The crystals infused with souls of Seath became known as "Brighstones" and the kingdom of Olaphis mined these gems, refining and polishing them and their different powers for use as amplifiers for their sorceries with staves and rings[53].

Centuries after the fall of the kingdom of Olaphis, the territory of the Brighstone mines came under the control of the Duchy of Tseldora. Under the reign of Vendrick, the Duke of Tseldora rediscovered the precious crystals and, starting to extract and sell them again, made a fortune with brighstone[54][55]. The citizens of Tseldora flourished thanks to the immense riches that the gem trade brought them and began to accumulate luxury and knowledge of witchcraft. The bewitching radiance of the crystals and the power of Seath that still permeated them began to influence the inhabitants who were captured by a desire that wasn’t satisfied no matter how much prosperity they acquired and they always searched for what they lacked[56][57]

SotFS Freja

The spider possessed by the fragments of the soul of Seath.

An immense amount of time after his fragment of Lord Soul some remnants of his soul[58][59] manifested again in Drangleic, continuing to exert their influence on the region[60]. This portion of Seath's will eventually remanifested and possessed a mere spider. Despite his shape and condition, his obsession led him to search for what he wanted[61][62]. At some point in time this small spider found its way deep inside the mines of Tseldora, since they were the old crystal cave of Seath[63] and where the corpse of an ancient archdragon was found, preserved underground as it had returned to stone[64] and made it into its lair.


The hidden archives of the Duke of Tseldora.

The Duke of Tseldora, continuing to mine the brighstone in depth, discovered the stone body of the archdragon and the spider possessed by Seath who had transformed the cave into his lair. He eventually built his hidden chamber among the ruins deep within the mines, amassing a large library and conducting researches on sorcery[65]. Since he was an oddball who loved and was fascinated by spiders[66], the Duke eventually found the one possessed by Seath and decided to take it in as his pet, naming it "Freja" and locking it in a cage in the library where he led his studies[67]. At a certain point, however, "Freja" escaped from her cage and the numerous Parasite Spiders of its lair began to swarm the town of Tseldora, overrunning it and taking control of the bodies of their inhabitants as their hosts[68] while the Duke, now completely mad, simply remained to gaze at their infestation with satisfaction[66]. The spider haunted by Seath thus returned to the depths of the mines next to the petrified body of the ancient dragon[69] and began to accumulate the souls gathered in the lands of Tseldora, absorbing them from people until they grew immensely[61].

Dark Souls III[]

Crystal Scroll

The scroll with the crystal sorceries of Seath.

In the region and times of Lothric Seath was still widely considered the "pale dragon" of legends even by the sorcerers of Vinheim and his crystal sorceries had been lost[70].

However, Seath's legacy had not been forgotten completely as the Crystal Sages, two twin scholars that considered themselves as spiritual successors of the legendary grand sage Logan[71], were able to gain possession of the Crystal Scroll containing the sorceries and research of the pale dragon which lead to Logan's records of Crystal Sorcery. The two sages thus were able to carry on this branch of sorcery[72] allowing them to replicate Logan's discoveries[73] that utilize the power of crystals to their fullest as a medium for souls[74] thanks to his "enlightments" in the Regal Archives of Seath[75].

Crystal sage boss (2)

One of the Crystal Sages that carried on the crystal sorceries of Seath.

At some point the Crystal Sages reached Lothric and became the spiritual guides of the scholars of the Grand Archives[76]. The Crystal Sages introduced to Lothric not only crystal gems[77] but also the heretical belief in the pale dragon Seath and his mad knowledge[78]. The sages would thus continue to work on their research within the Grand Archives, even taking Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild as their pupil[79] and crafting weapons and casting tools that used the power of crystals to enhance their magical power, representing how the fruits of the lifetime of research had advanced to an impressive level and still followed the works of the pale dragon[80]. Over time, the scholars of Lothric had accumulated an immense amount of knowledge and the grand Archives became an enormous structure containing an equal amount of books[81]. However, the knowledge contained in the tomes not only represented a danger to their sanity[82], implying that they had come into contact with particularly profound research into the nature of the soul that led their anchor to reason to be washed away, but the books were literally cursed[83], releasing ghostly and pale limbs towards those who reached them[84].


Oceiros attempted to reach the knowledge and form of Seath.

In the last years of Lothric's kingdom, King Oceiros became fascinated by dragons[85] in the search for a solution to the problem of finding a worthy Champion to link the fading First Flame after his son, Prince Lothric, that was designated to become a Lord of Cinder, sacrificing himself and link the Flame was not strong enough to do it[86]. Eventually Ocerios turned to the cursed knowledge of the Grand Archives[87]. Here he found the heretical faith in the white dragon Seath introduced by the Crystal Sages[88] and became so absorbed in it that he wore a ring with a dragon scale[89] and had his army use shields decorated with a "white dragon"[90] while giving his royal guard magic rings that enhanced sorcery[91] and he, now lost in his madness became known as the "sorcerer king". Continuing to study the sorceries and knowledge contained in the Archives and brought by the Crystal Sages to Lothric[92], Oceiros found himself walking the same path as Big Hat Logan, reaching the same level of "enlightenment" as him and then going completely mad[93]. The king, in his deep delusions, believed he had to become a dragon himself in order to produce an heir strong enough to link the Flame[94]. His mad plans would found support from Pontiff Sulyvahn, who began experimenting with transforming humans into pale dragons[95]. Despite the large number of failures and abominations that presented only a faded fragment of the dragons' strength[96], the experiments were eventually successful and Oceiros managed to transform himself into a scaleless dragon resembling Seath[97], albeit an imperfect and distorted one, even obtaining the sorcery of Seath's crystal breath[98].


When first encountered in The Duke's Archives, he regenerates health extremely quickly due to the power of Primordial Crystal, effectively making him invincible.. He inevitably kills the player[note 1]. Loss of souls and humanity can be avoided by wearing a Ring of Sacrifice, but if he kills the player through Curse, then a Rare Ring of Sacrifice is needed to avoid penalties. In addition, it is possible to travel back through the fog door to avoid being killed by Seath, however can still go through the fog wall after exiting. Regardless, the player must be killed by Seath in order to progress.

Upon encountering him again within the Crystal Cave, he will be fought within an arena that contains the Primordial Crystal. In order to defeat Seath, it is necessary to destroy the Primordial Crystal so that any damage dealt to him is not immediately healed. The crystal will respawn if the player dies or leaves the fight, making it necessary to destroy it in each attempt to defeat Seath.

Staying at his side makes it easier to stay out of the area-of-effect of his breath attacks, and he won't be able to hit with his claws or tail as easily. Video

It is also possible to use only a bow against Seath with great success. Get a good distance away from him and it is possible to get 4-5 shots in before he gets too close. The only real danger in this strategy is when running past Seath to gain some distance.

His only long range specific attack is the far curse beam. That means if players stay at a distance, one can lure him to fire the beam and charge his defenseless body.

Crystal curse explosion triggers when the player cannot be reached by any of Seath's other attacks; usually when situated behind Seath with the tails just out of reach. One strategy is to begin sprinting a good distance away from him once he arches forward to charge a ball of magic. A second approach would be to develop a high enough curse resistance and block some of the erupting crystals. Immediately heal the damage received before he executes his tail swipes/slams.

Being the grandfather of Sorcery, Seath is extremely resistant to Magic damage, so it would be wise to try to use a different element when combating him.

When trying to obtain the Moonlight Greatsword it is best to attack the tip of the tail, as the area around midway through the tail is considered his body. Thus dealing damage to this area will not help in acquiring the Moonlight Greatsword.

A good strategy for acquiring it is when Seath himself breaks the Primordial Crystal. Wait behind the crystal until Seath starts to rear up his head for any of the Curse Beam attacks. Just before he fires it, start sprinting left or right around the sides and towards his tail. Seath will break the crystal and stun himself, giving the player ample opportunity to attack his tail three to four times. Make sure Seath's tail isn't clipping in the wall before trying.

It should be noted that Seath takes extra damage if hit in his belly. As an example, when hit with standard 1H fast attack Man-serpent Greatsword +15 in of his tentacles at STR 40, Seath takes 226 damage. And if hit in his belly by the same attack, he will take about 450 damage. If the character is tanky enough and has enough Curse resistance, he can stay right at Seath's belly and hit him without pausing until Seath dies, using his Estus Flask only one or two times.

Moonlight Greatsword[]

To cut off a tail it's necessary to deal a certain amount of damage against it. The HP of the tail increases with higher NG cycles and is based on the HP of the respective enemy. Seath's tail has 825 health on Ng and 1,295 on NG+.

  • Equipment load under 25% is highly recommended to cut his tail.
  • Lure Seath as close as possible to the crystal. It is ideal to kite Seath close to one of the walls, so that when he attacks with his breath, you have plenty of room to move around his other side. Once Seath is close enough to you he will pause and begin his breath attack; immediately run behind Seath. Run to his left side (your right), as he breathes his crystal breath from his right to his left. Seath will destroy the crystal with his own breath attack and be stunned temporarily. Without locking on to him, target the tip of his back (middle) tail and attack it while two-handing your highest damage weapon or using fast strong spells.
  • Use weapons that have vertical slash when two-handed: katanas, straightswords, greatswords, ultra greatswords, etc. Slash the tip once or twice, then run away. Provoke him to attack with his crystal breath, run to his tail, slash once or twice again, then repeat.
  • You can also use fast spells to cut his tail. Unlike using weapons, it is recommended to retreat from the boss battle (Homeward, Homeward Bone, or quit game) if you fail to cut it on the first try after breaking the crystal.

Boss information[]


Close Curse Beam[]

Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
0 564 0 0 Strike No Both Medium

The first of Seath's Curse Beams: Seath will fire a beam from his mouth in a circular arc close to his body, and crystals will erupt from the ground around where the beam touched.


Breath Crystal[]

Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
72 0 0 0 Strike
Curse: 2
No Both Medium

The crystals that erupts form the ground after each Curse Beam attack, they are unblockable and deal continuous damage, as well as curse build up.

Crystal Curse Explosion[]

Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
144 480 0 0 Strike No Neither Medium

Seath's most dangerous attack: he will begin charging briefly, and will then erupt crystals from his body in all directions. This crystal eruption is even more damaging than the others and, of course, much harder to evade. The only way to avoid it is to get quite far away from Seath's body, out of range of the eruption.


Tail Thrash[]

Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
612 0 0 0 Strike No Neither Medium

Seath will attack with his tails if the player stays near one of his three tails for too long. There are two variations of this attack, one where Seath repeatedly slams his tails onto the ground, and the other where he sweeps them. These can hit multiple times, stunlocking the player. This attack has considerable range, but it can be reduced by cutting off Seath's tail.


Far Cursebeam[]

Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
0 570 0 0 Strike No Neither Medium

The same effect as the Close Curse Beam, except this is fired in a circular arc further away from Seath's body.


Straight Cursebeam[]

Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
0 575 0 0 Strike No Neither Medium

The last of the different Curse Beam types, Seath fires a beam in a straight line from the base of his body to the end of the room, in the direction the player is standing.


Left or Right Hand Swipe[]

Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Attack Type Parryable Tracking Speed
624 0 0 0 Strike No Right Medium

Seath will swipe his left or right hand at the player. This is incredibly damaging and can only be blocked by high stability shields, but fairly easy to dodge since his hand hitbox is small.



Physical Defenses Elemental Defenses Resistances
Regular Defense Strike Defense Slash Defense Thrust Defense Magic Defense Fire Defense Lightning Defense Poison Toxic Bleed
345 345 345 345 690 207 207 S S S

These stats are sourced from FuturePress's Official Dark Souls Strategy Guide.


Item BequeathedLordSoulShard
Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard
Moonlight Greatsword
Moonlight Greatsword
Drop Rate Guaranteed Sever Tail





Seath Intro

Seath the Scaleless' boss intro


Dark Souls — Seath the Scaleless by Motoi Sakuraba


  • Respawning at the prison bonfire is tied to the room and not dying to Seath. This means being killed by Seath while outside the room will not move the player to the prison.
    • Similarly, if Big Hat Logan kills the player in this area they will be moved to the prison.
  • If the player cuts off Seath's tail it may not disappear and will persist after Seath has been killed.
  • The Japanese description of Seath's Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard uses the Chinese term "外戚 " which is used for blood relatives of the monarch's wife.
  • Seath's character is an homage to the dragon god of the same name in From Software's King's Field series for the original Playstation. The Souls series is often referred to as the spiritual successor to King's Field.
  • The ghostly hands that emerge from the tomes in the Grand Archives in Dark Souls III closely resemble those of Seath.
    • This is most likely a reference to the fact that Oceiros and the Scholars were researching on his sorceries.


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