The Scholar's Shed Skin is a head armor which was removed from the final release of Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Skin shed from a sage of the Grand Archives. The ivory wax has hardened, forming a mask.
Wax protected the inquirer from exposure to the foulness that permeated the majority of the texts, preventing one's anchor of reason from being too easily washed away.


  • This item actually exists within the game's files but is unobtainable by conventional means. It was presumably intended to be dropped by Grand Archives Scholars.
  • This headgear is associated with the Scholar's Robe and both pieces were presumably going to complement a set called the "Scholar Set".
  • Wearing this headgear would presumably grant immunity to Curses, in a similar way as when the player covers their head in wax to prevent this status ailment in the game.