Sanctum Priestess Tiara
Sanctum Priestess Tiara
Icon DaSII PhyDef 29 Icon DaSII Poise 0
Icon DaSII StrikeDef 31 Icon DaSII PsnDef 12
Icon DaSII SlashDef 28 Icon DaSII BldDef 11
Icon DaSII ThrustDef 28 Icon DaSII PetrifyDef 0
Icon DaSII MagDef 14 Icon DaSII CurseDef 7
Icon DaSII FireDef 20
Icon DaSII LtnDef 12 Icon DaSII Durability 55
Icon DaSII DarkDef 14 Icon DaSII Weight 2.0
Required & Bonus Attributes
Icon DaSII Strength Icon DaSII Dexterity Icon DaSII Intelligence Icon DaSII Faith Icon DaSII Def Bonus
11 11 E
Type Head Armor

The Sanctum Priestess Tiara is a head armor piece in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Tiara of the Eternal Sanctum priestesses. Prevents effects that block spells.
This tiara has been warped by poison, adding to its already peculiar design. It is said that the priestesses sang to preserve the dragon's deep slumber, but one wonders if a single phrase of their song ever reached the dragon's ears.


Scholar of the First SinEdit


Makes its wearer immune to the effect of Profound Still.

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