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For the covenant item, see Rosaria's Fingers (item).

Rosaria's Fingers is a covenant in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Rosaria's Fingers collect tongues in her name. Some do it to be reborn; others do it to help comfort their voiceless goddess.

Known membersEdit

How to joinEdit

Talk to Saint Rosaria in the Cathedral of the Deep.


Single playerEdit

Talking to Rosaria allows the player to reassign their attribute points and change appearance a total of five times in one playthrough, at the cost of one Pale Tongue each.

After deepening allegiance with the covenant, players may summon Yellowfinger Heysel outside of the Keep Ruins bonfire, and be given the "Proper Bow" gesture. Deepening allegiance with the covenant is also required to progress Ringfinger Leonhard's questline.

Online playEdit

Members of Rosaria's Fingers can invade or be summoned into the world of a Host of Embers via use of the Red Eye Orb or Red Sign Soapstone, respectively. In order to achieve victory, the player must defeat the Host of Embers. Doing so will reward all present covenant members with a Pale Tongue.

In the case of invasion, blue spirits from the Blue Sentinels and Blade of the Darkmoon may be summoned to aid the host if they are a Way of Blue Adherent. Should any of these blue spirits be defeated by any means (they are killed by enemies, the environment or a dark spirit), members of Rosaria's Fingers and any unaffiliated invaders will be rewarded with a Forked Pale Tongue.


Rank Tongues offered Rewards
+0 - Nothing
+1 10 Obscuring Ring
+2 30 Man-grub's Staff


  • Entering Rosaria's Fingers automatically puts the player on opposite sides with Sirris, preventing her questline from happening and depriving the player from the rewards that could have been obtained by completing it.
  • As of Regulation 1.05, players can still reallocate their levels and alter their appearance without gaining hostility from Sirris. However, giving Rosaria a Pale Tongue in order to rank up will make her hostile to the player.
  • There is a glitch where if the player forces the game to shut down before exiting Rosaria's Dialogue menu after altering appearance or attributes (Such as by shutting off the console), The rebirth will not cost a pale tongue or reduce the remaining rebirth's you have. This is due to the game's auto save function saving your new attributes after a rebirth, but the game not reducing your remaining rebirths or claiming a pale tongue until the dialogue menu is closed. By doing this a player can effectively have infinite rebirths.


Dark Souls 3 - Rosaria's Fingers Covenant, Character Respec, Red Sign Soapstone Locations

Dark Souls 3 - Rosaria's Fingers Covenant, Character Respec, Red Sign Soapstone Locations

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