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The Road of Sacrifices is a location in Dark Souls III.


The Road of Sacrifices is a perilous road over cliff edges that leads to the Crucifixion Woods. It was used to transport sacrifices from the Undead Settlement to the Cathedral of the Deep. It is inhabited by Corvians, who follow Corvian Storytellers, and Isabella the Mad.

Additionally, a pair of Starved Hounds reside in a cave below the bridge. Here are also a Braille Divine Tome of Carim and Morne's Ring, suggesting that a maiden of Carim and her protector died here.

The Halfway Fortress marks the beginning of the Crucifixion Woods. Here, Anri of Astora and Horace the Hushed are first encountered. Shortly after this, you may be invaded by Yellowfinger Heysel.

The Crucifixion Woods are wet, swampy woods filled with Lycanthrope Hunters and Poisonhorn Bugs on the dry parts, and Lesser Crabs and Great Crabs on the wet parts. Crossing the wet swamp leads you to an open stretch of land where two Exile Watchdogs guard the entrance to the Farron Keep.

The woods can be traversed on dry land over two paths. Going straight ahead from the Halfway Fortress, across a series of short drops, leads you over a stretch of land where a trail can be seen through the leaves, indicating the drag marks of a Lycanthrope's cross. Two of these lie dormant up ahead, along with several clutches of Poisonhorn Bugs. Beyond them is an entrance to the Farron Keep Perimeter, of which the rest is locked off by an iron door. Here, a Black Knight stands guard and a corpse beyond him carries the Farron Coal.

By following the left-hand border of the woods, you will find a bonfire on a nearby hill, and close to this is a crumbling fortress guarded by Sage's Devouts and Sage's Prentices. On an upper floor, Orbeck of Vinheim has his study, and below that is a path leading to the Crystal Sage. Defeating him allows you onto the path to the Cathedral of the Deep, which is guarded by an Evangelist and two Hollow Manservants, who carry cages on their backs filled with corpses.

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Dark Souls III First Flame (5) - Road of Sacrifices & Crystal Sage

Dark Souls III First Flame (5) - Road of Sacrifices & Crystal Sage


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