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For the Dark Souls II variant, see Ring of the Evil Eye (Dark Souls II).
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Ring of the Evil Eye (Dark Souls III).

The Ring of the Evil Eye is a ring in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

According to legend, this ring contains the spirit of the evil eye, a dark beast which assaulted Astora.
The strength of the evil eye does not waver, and HP is absorbed from fallen enemies.


Found in the Depths, on a corpse in the area inhabited by several Basilisks.



The Ring of the Evil Eye absorbs 30 HP from each enemy killed.

Groups of enemies killed together grant only 30 HP in total. To get the full benefit of the Ring of the Evil Eye, kills must be spaced out.


This ring is excellent for countering damage-over-time effects such as those of the Chaos Blade, Power Within, or Poison. It also improves the durability of players as they travel. It is, however, less useful against tough enemies, such as bosses.

This ring is an especially large boon to players playing cooperatively. The healing effect of the ring will cut down on the need for the host to heal the summoned phantom from minor hits and fall damage.


  • When used in co-op, the player using the ring is not required to kill the enemy. Any enemy killed by any means will grant healing.