The Ring of Fog is a ring in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Those who befriend Alvina are given this mysterious ring. It resembles a pearl with its robust pure-white fog.
This ring camouflages its wearer's presence, helping to prevent detection.


General informationEdit

Wearers of this ring become transparent, although they are still visible. Enemies aggro from a shorter range, and lose interest after chasing players for a shorter distance. In terms of PvP, players can use the ring in certain environments to remain hidden from their opponent. However, as they can still be locked on to, the usefulness of the ring diminishes severely if discovered by the enemy.


Prior to Patch 1.04, the Ring of Fog also prevented players from locking onto users in PvP. This was considered overpowered by many and From Software took this ability out of the game for balancing.

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