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Rhoy the Explorer is a dark spirit in Dark Souls II.


Rhoy will invade offline players in the Grave of Saints, when the player approaches the ladder leading to the top levels of the area.

It is important to note that Rhoy will not spawn unless the player is offline and not part of the Rat King covenant.


Rhoy wears a full Aurous' Set (transparent), as well as the Illusory Ring of a Conqueror and Illusory Ring of the Exalted pair. He wields an invisible Shotel +5 and Heavy Crossbow +5. The final result is that Rhoy looks naked, when he is in fact fully equipped.

Rhoy is actually a very average Phantom, and poses no threat in and of himself. Nonetheless beware of the shield-ignoring ability of his weapon. The real danger of the battle are the rats that will ambush the player: these will drop from the ceiling behind the player, and attack them from behind unexpectedly. They can be turned against Rhoy if a Seed of a Giant Tree is used.


Rhoy is notable for being very easily farmed. He will spawn up to 15 times per game/Bonfire Ascetic. This can be useful for players trying to max out their Way of Blue or Company of Champions covenants. Rhoy also has a 100% chance of dropping an Awestone if the player is a member of the Company of Champions. Players should start to the Grave Entrance bonfire. From there, it is recommended to stay at the top level until all 5 rats have dropped and been killed, especially after NG. Once done, players should jump down the ladder, and immediately climb it. This will trigger Rhoy's invasion.

After about 15 cycles, Rhoy will stop spawning, and will require a Bonfire Ascetic. The bonfire this should be used is not the current Grave Entrance bonfire, but rather the first bonfire of the area: Harval's Resting Place.

In Scholar of the First Sin, Rhoy will invade only once in NG, but he will invade infinitely if the Bonfire Intensity is 2 or higher and the player is in the Company of Champions covenant. He also has a chance to drop Awestones as normal drops, effectively rewarding 2 Awestones for a lucky kill.

A safe way to kill him is to activate the drawbridge on the second floor and lure him there to then push him down to the bottomless pit below: this will make his drop unavailable drop (the Awestone that is always dropped will be added to the player's inventory regardless).

A comfortable and quick farm method rather than to run around the top floor until all the rats are dead and then kill him by the bon fire to reset (average lap 2:30) is starting from the grave entrance bonfire to drop down the ladder with out climbing it, stand hugging the base of the ladder for about one second, use this time to enchant if needed, you will get the message he has invaded, turn the corner and kill the three rats, two in the lower hole and the one above quickly. you should still have about 2 seconds to spare and you will see him climbing down the ladder. you can now fight him in that area with out the worry of rats.