Resonance Ring

A resonance ring

Resonance Rings are a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls.

General InformationEdit

Resonance Rings appear in an area where another player has recently used a miracle.  It is possible to find multiple Resonace Rings at once. Resonance rings appear as small white rings fixed slightly above the ground. When the player is close to one, the power of certain Miracles is boosted. When the player is close enough so that their miracles can receive a boost, a white circle will appear over the selected miracle.

The effect of resonance rings does stack; standing next to three or more resonance rings results in Double Synergy, which generally has double the effect of ordinary Synergy. Wearing the Ring of the Sun Princess grants a boost to miracles equivalent to that of being close to a resonance ring. The effects of the Ring of the Sun Princess stack with resonance rings.

See Miracle Synergy for more information.


  • Prior to patch 1.06, resonance rings did not work on the PS3. 
  • As of patch 1.07, miracle synergy doesn't work on the PS3. It is likely that this will not be resolved on the PS3, as there most likely will be no more updates.