The Redeye Ring is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A cursed ring depicting a demon eye. Becomes easier to be detected by enemies.
If it is tranquility that you seek, then you should never have left your home.
If you seek strife, then fair enough, but no need to overdo it.


Sold by Sweet Shalquoir for 6,700 souls.


An excellent ring for white phantom tanks, the Redeye Ring makes enemies more likely to attack the wearer instead of other players. This makes the ring useful for players who are willing to take enemy aggro while other players deal damage to them.

It can also be equipped to allow others to heal during difficult battles without fear of being attacked.


  • When separated from other players, or when there are no other players present in the world, the Redeye Ring becomes useless. Also, it will have no effect on invaders. Needs confirmation for NPC invaders
  • Careful planning is recommended before using this ring as a player can easily get overwhelmed when engaging groups of enemies, especially ones who deal high damage to stamina and poise.
  • This ring can be very useful if the player is attempting to complete the storyline for either Lucatiel of Mirrah or Benhart of Jugo which requires keeping them alive in certain boss fights. The boss will almost always focus on the player, enabling them to attack the boss with little risk.


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