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For the Dark Souls II variant, see Red Tearstone Ring (Dark Souls II).
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Red Tearstone Ring (Dark Souls III).

The Red Tearstone Ring is a combat-oriented ring in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

The rare gem called tearstone has the uncanny ability to sense imminent death.
This red tearstone from Carim boosts the attack of its wearer when in danger.


Located on top of the tower between the Valley of Drakes and the New Londo Ruins.


Boosts damage by 50% when user has less than 20% health. This offensive boost seems to apply to almost all forms of dealing damage, including sorceries, pyromancies, miracles, special attacks and abilities and even bows.


Analogous to the Clever Rat's Ring from Demon's Souls. The Red Tearstone Ring sees much less use than its counterpart due to the absence of an insurance spell such as Second Chance. However, extra skillful players may get use out of this ring yet as its damage boost is very significant. The ring stacks with other damage boosters, so particularly suicidal players can try using both this ring and Power Within for a dramatic, but short-lived, boost. The Red Tearstone Ring can be used well with the Blue Tearstone Ring if the player has high defense and vitality.