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Red Crystal Lizards are enemies encountered in Dark Souls II


Unlike their blue counterparts, there are some noticeable differences. The most obvious is their color, being red as opposed to blue. When approached or attacked, they may explode in an attempt to damage the player. They also don't drop anything upon death except for one soul. In some instances, they will try to run away when approached, similarly to the blue Crystal Lizards. They do not respawn.



  • If attacked from a distance, they will attempt to flee like their blue counterparts.
  • If they manage to escape and the player quits and reloads the game, they won't reappear at their spawn locations unless the player rests at a bonfire. Only if they are killed or if they explode themselves will remove them from the environment for good and won't respawn anymore.
  • The explosion they unleash is powerful enough to kill a player at full health who has completed about half of the game (about level 100~125 and below, depending on which stats have been raised).
  • They can be killed via melee attacks without them necessarily exploding, as long as the lizard doesn't make direct contact with the player's body.
  • Only two of its kind can be encountered.