The Rebel's Greatshield is a greatshield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Shield of the rebel Raime.
Raime, and Velstadt were known as the left- and right-arms of the King, until their wills clashed, and Raime was deemed a traitor.
The black raven is despised as an augur of death, but it was Raime's favorite bird.


Used by Raime, the former left-arm of King Vendrick.


Found on a corpse in the area behind the door requiring the Iron Key in the Forest of Fallen Giants.


The Rebel's Greatshield has the highest total elemental defenses of any shield in the game, including Havel's Greatshield, making it very useful against all forms of casters or poison/bleed builds. On top of this, when infused with any element, it will have 100% reduction against it, negating the attack entirely (since the hardest spells to dodge are sorceries, because of their speed, tracking and speed to cast, it would be wise to infuse it with magic). It does however come at the cost of having the lowest physical defense of any greatshield, as well as relatively low Stability when fully upgraded.

The shield is upgraded through regular Titanite. When fully upgraded, it will only have 70 Stability, which is a smaller increase than most shields get. However, this is not a shield to protect against physical attacks which deal very large amounts of stamina damage, but rather a shield for blocking spells.


  • It is likely that Raime used this greatshield in junction with his Baneful Bird Ring, and it would make sense to do so from a pure stat perspective as this greatshield has a relatively low Stability, compared to most fully upgraded shields in its class.
  • It seems strange that this item is where it currently resides, seeing that since Raime ventured from Drangleic Castle, and into the Brume Tower, there is no reason for it to reside in the Forest of Fallen Giants. However, it could be theorized that Raime forsook his shield (which once meant greatly to him as it symbolized the love of his kingdom) when he was exiled by Vendrick after his fight with Velstadt. But the only way this makes sense was if it was cast off in the Iron Keep, but later brought from a plunderer and locked away behind the door that can only be opened by the Iron Key. This key makes it plausible since the Iron Keep had fallen by that time and plunderers had been known to steal the iron from the structures.
  • This shield's design was based on one of the winners of the Dark Souls II Shield Design Contest, specifically the "Great Shield of the Raven Goddess."


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