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For the Dark Souls II equivalent, see Ring of Soul Protection.

The Rare Ring of Sacrifice is a ring in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

This mystical ring was created in a sacrificial rite of Velka, the Goddess of Sin. The magenta-shaded ring is especially rare. Its wearer will lose nothing upon death, and will be freed from any curse whatsoever, but the ring itself breaks.


General Information[]

Acts in the same way as the normal Ring of Sacrifice, but also dispels Curses upon player death. Wearing the ring while already cursed, then dying does not cure the curse.

Like the Ring of Sacrifice, upon death, the wearer will retain any souls and humanity that they were carrying with them (as well as retaining unhollowed form), but the ring itself will shatter. Furthermore, if the player would have been Cursed upon death, they are instead not cursed. However, if the player was already cursed before they died, the curse will not be lifted. Dying with a Rare Ring of Sacrifice equipped will show the message "Rare Ring Revival" after the usual "You Died" message and will not result in the player leaving a bloodstain. Should a player with an uncollected bloodstain die while having a Rare Ring of Sacrifice equipped, their bloodstain will not be lost.


While the regular Ring of Sacrifice can allow players to keep their souls and humanities upon death, it cannot save players from death upon being cursed. Therefore, the Rare Ring of Sacrifice works best in areas where the player may die from Curse before recovering a very valuable bloodstain. However, as the ring is a lot rarer, it is best to use it sparingly by either equipping a Ring of Sacrifice where the risk of being cursed is not present, or otherwise increasing Curse resistance if such risk is present.