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"Hmm... A mere Undead, yet you can see me? Fascinating... I am Quelana of Izalith. I am not often revealed to walkers of flesh. You have a gift. Are you, too, one who seeks my pyromancy?"
— Quelana of Izalith

Quelana of Izalith (クラーナ) is a character and pyromancy trainer in Dark Souls. She is voiced by Jenny Funnell, who also voiced the Darkmoon Knightess.


Quelana sits on an island in Blighttown directly in front of the entrance to Chaos Witch Quelaag's lair. The most guaranteed way to encounter her is to level up a Pyromancy Flame to +10. Being invaded by or summoning someone with a +10 or above flame reportedly spawns her as well.[1]


Upon meeting Quelana, she offers to teach the player pyromancy. After a while, she asks the player to defeat what is left of her corrupted sisters[note 1], Quelaag and the Daughter of Chaos, and the Bed of Chaos to free the consumed souls of her mother and sisters. Upon completing her requests, she gifts the player her final pyromancy: Fire Tempest.


Quelana was originally a "flame witch" who used fire sorcery. When Izalith was consumed and the demons infested the city, she fled and became the creator of pyromancy. It is unknown whether the knowledge of fire sorcery was forgotten by her or whether she created pyromancy as a safer version of it. Quelana passed on her knowledge to Salaman, who in turn passed on his knowledge of pyromancy to the people of the Great Swamp.

According to a developer interview, Quelana and the other Daughters of Chaos are a different species, despite appearing similar to humans.[2] Her in-game model may not reflect her "canon" appearance, with pale, ash-colored skin, as seen in the opening cutscene and achievement art.


  • She is the only Trainer that can upgrade the Pyromancy Flame past the limit of +15 and on to the much stronger flame version up to the max of +5.
  • She may not appear if the player has broken either root on the Bed of Chaos prior to meeting her.


Quelana has an unlimited amount of pyromancies at her disposal. She seems to prefer Great Fireball and Fire Tempest the most. Both are very powerful if they connect, but have slow start-ups, allowing players to go for the backstab if they are close enough. Quelana may deal high damage but is physically very weak. Quelana is also just as susceptible to poison as the player is; one can choose to attack her and have her wade into the swamp surrounding her, leading to a slow death. Finally, the Infested Barbarians can also damage her heavily should they chase the player to that point.


Pyromancy Pyro Great Combustion
Great Combustion
Pyro Firestorm
Pyro Fire Orb
Fire Orb
Pyro Great Fireball
Great Fireball
Souls 5,000 30,000 8,000 20,000
Pyromancy Pyro Fire Whip
Fire Whip
Pyro Combustion
Pyro Fireball
Pyro Undead Rapport
Undead Rapport
Souls 10,000 500 800 10,000

Character information[]

Health and souls[]

Health Souls
698 1,074 1,000 2,000


Physical Defenses Elemental Defenses Resistances
Regular Defense Strike Defense Slash Defense Thrust Defense Magic Defense Fire Defense Lightning Defense Poison Toxic Bleed
240 247 240 240 266 915 224 A A B

These stats are sourced from FuturePress's Official Dark Souls Strategy Guide.



Item Pyro Fire Tempest
Fire Tempest
Drop Rate Guaranteed
(Before killing Bed of Chaos)





  1. Despite Quelana implying the player must kill all of her sisters, killing Quelaag's Sister does not contribute towards receiving the Fire Tempest pyromancy.


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