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"Quelaag, my dear sister..."
— Quelaag's Sister

Quelaag's Sister, also known as "The White Lady" and "The Fair Lady", is a character in Dark Souls. She is voiced by Charlie Cameron, who also voiced Reah of Thorolund and Sieglinde of Catarina.


She is found in Quelaag's Domain, in a chamber hidden behind an illusory wall after the fight with Chaos Witch Quelaag.


Quelaag's Sister can initiate the player into the Chaos Servant covenant. She is the Fire Keeper of the bonfire in front of her, and can reinforce Estus Flasks. She cannot communicate with the player unless they equip the Old Witch's Ring.

As Humanity is offered to her through the Chaos Servant covenant, her legs appear to move with more strength than they originally did.


Quelaag's Sister was a Daughter of Chaos before the disaster that befell Izalith. While most of her sisters were transformed into "full" demons, she and Quelaag were able to escape with their sanity intact, although they were fused at the waist to demon spiders in the process. Quelaag and her sister took an entourage of servants with them, who suffered from a parasitic disease. Out of pity, Quelaag's sister did her best to help against Quelaag's orders, weakening and blinding herself in the process.


Quelaag's Sister is very frail and dies in one or two hits by most forms of attacks. She does not retaliate. However, killing her will aggro her servant, Eingyi, though he is far from a threat.


Item 2130
Fire Keeper Soul
Drop Rate Guaranteed


Without the Old Witch's Ring all dialogue is just "...?".

Click to see dialogue

With the Old Witch's Ring, the following dialogue can take place:

First Meeting Quelaag? My dear sister.
Greeting Queelag, what is it?
Greeting x2 Queelag, my dear sister...
Greeting x3 Oh my dear sister. Do not mind me, it does not hurt terribly.
Talk I'll be fine. I have you, dear sister. But promise me… that you will take care of yourself.
Talk x2 Sister… It hurts… the eggs have gone still… I fear it may be too late… I'm so sorry, dear sister.
Talk x3 Quelaag? Please, sister, do not cry. I am happy, truly. I have you, don't I?
Upon reaching +1 Chaos Servant Thank you, Quelaag
Upon reaching +2 Chaos Servant (removed?)[1] Ooh...Thank you, Quelaag, it feels wonderful, it really helps it does.
Upon reaching +3 Chaos Servant (removed?)[1] Oh, thank you dear sister... It hurts no longer.
Talk after reaching +1 Chaos Servant My dear sister… You know, I still remember… your beautiful, silky face. If only I could gaze upon it once more…
Enter Covenant Enter a Covenant, again…? Of course. Let me try…
Leaving Goodbye Quelaag. Do be safe.
Leaving x2 Goodbye Quelaag. It was so very nice to chat.
Leaving Abruptly Why Quelaag?! Where.....
Greeting after leaving abruptly Quelaag, what was that? Is something troubling you?
Death Sister... Why...?


  • Feeding Quelaag's Sister enough humanity (80+) will cause her limbs to move around less feebly.
  • Due to the Chosen Undead never saying a word, and her blindness, Quelaag's Sister believes that the player is, in fact, Quelaag.
  • Instead of a ghastly swarm beneath her form, the eggs that surround Quelaag's Domain act as the cradles for each tiny humanity that is only just keeping her alive as keeper of the bonfire.
    • In addition, many of these eggs seem to have been torn open, possibly suggesting that Quelaag's Sister might have had children prior to poisoning herself with blight.
  • In Dark Souls III, what appears to be Quelaag's Sister's desiccated corpse can be found near the Smouldering Lake, next to Quelana's.
  • Also in Dark Souls III, the White Hair Talisman appears to have been crafted from threading a lock of her hair through the Old Witch's Ring, as she was the only chaos witch known to be both deformed and white-haired.



Dark Souls — Daughters of Chaos by Motoi Sakuraba


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