Casting a pyromancy with a Flame.

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Pyromancy is a type of magic in Dark Souls.

General informationEdit

All pyromancies, even those not directly related to fire, are cast with a Pyromancy Flame. To obtain one, one can choose the Pyromancer as their starting class, or talk to the pyromancy trainers: Laurentius of the Great Swamp after he is rescued and if the player does not already have a Pyromancy Flame, or Eingyi if the player has 11 Intelligence or higher. Upgrading a Pyromancy Flame can only be done through one of the formerly mentioned pyromancers, as well as Quelana of Izalith, who can ascend the flame further than Laurentius or Eingyi.

Unlike Sorcery and Miracles, Pyromancies are unique in that they do not rely on any stat for their power. Rather, players may upgrade their Pyromancy Flame up to a total of 21 times to increase their damage output. This means that players can use pyromancies to deal high damage at low soul levels – making it useful for PvP.

Unfortunately, many pyromancies share the deficiency of having limited range and having a slow casting time. This means that in order to use pyromancies properly, players must plan ahead and predict enemy movements. It also makes pyromancies dangerous to use in close combat, especially against other players. However, the speed of casting pyromancies can be increased through investing in the Dexterity attribute, the limit being 45 points in Dexterity before no further casting speed increases are given to the player, making pyromancies a far more viable choice for close range combat.


Before the creation of Pyromancy, flame sorceries were used by the Witch of Izalith, her Daughters of Chaos, and later by the Demon Firesage.[1][2] The Witch and her daughters used flame sorcery to challenge the ancient dragons,[3] casting it from catalysts just as soul sorceries were.[1] In the wake of her failed attempt to recreate the First Flame, the Witch of Izalith and some of her daughters were engulfed in the newly formed Bed of Chaos.[4] This also resulted in the birth of Pyromancy[2] and all knowledge of flame sorcery has since vanished.[1]

Quelana of Izalith, a Daughter of Chaos, managed to flee the catastrophe created by her mother. Quelana is credited as the "mother of pyromancy"[5] and is likely the originator of the primal pyromancies.[6][7] Quelana teaches her art to a select few students and now resides in Blighttown.

Salaman the Master Pyromancer, a student of Quelana over two-hundred years before the events surrounding the Chosen Undead,[8] was the inventor of Great Fireball – his namesake.[9] Carmina, the most accomplished pupil of Salaman, is credited with having taken the art in new directions.[10] Carmina's pyromancies focus on actualizing the inner-self,[11] and Power Within was kept secret for eons due to its dangerous nature.[12]

Eingyi, an egg-burdened servant of The Fair Lady, was banished from the Great Swamp as a heretic for his perversions of pyromancy.[13] Eingyi's pyromancies are a diversion from the art, illustrating that Pyromancy can be made into something beyond the mere manipulation of fire.[14]

Most pyromancers, and many of the rudimentary spells that they wield, seem to originate from the Great Swamp,[15] a remote region where they were driven.[16] Due to its primitive nature, Pyromancy is often shunned by advanced cultures[17] and many sorcerers mock its simplicity.[18]


Pyromancy Effect Uses Req. Slots Location Type
Pyro Fireball
Throws a ball of Fire and creates a small explosion upon impact. 8 1 Laurentius
Starting Spell
Pyro Fire Orb
Fire Orb
Stronger version of Fireball. 6 1 Laurentius
Pyro Great Fireball
Great Fireball
Stronger version of Fire Orb, with larger area of effect. 4 1 Quelana of Izalith Ranged
Pyro Great Chaos Fireball
Great Chaos Fireball
Similar to Great Fireball, but leaves molten lava in its wake. 4 2 Join Chaos Servant covenant. Ranged
Pyro Firestorm
Generates pillars of flame at random locations around the player. 20 1 Quelana of Izalith Ranged
Pyro Fire Tempest
Fire Tempest
Stronger version of Firestorm. 20 1 Quelana of Izalith Ranged
Pyro Chaos Storm
Chaos Storm
Similar to Firestorm, but creates pools of lava where the pillars erupt. 20 2 Reach Chaos Servant +2. Ranged
Pyro Combustion
Summon forth a burst of Fire from ones finger tips. 16 1 Laurentius
Short Ranged
Pyro Great Combustion
Great Combustion
Stronger version of Combustion. 8 1 Quelana of Izalith Short Ranged
Pyro Fire Surge
Fire Surge
Shoots a stream of Fire much like a flamethrower. 80 1 Painted World of Ariamis Ranged
Pyro Fire Whip
Fire Whip
Sweep foes with Fire whip. 80 1 Quelana of Izalith Short Ranged
Pyro Chaos Fire Whip
Chaos Fire Whip
Similar to Fire Whip, but leaves lava where it strikes. 80 2 Lost Izalith Short Ranged
Pyro Poison Mist
Poison Mist
Breathe out a cloud of mist that inflicts Poison buildup. 3 1 Eingyi
Pyro Toxic Mist
Toxic Mist
Breathe out a cloud of mist that inflicts Toxic buildup. 1 1 Eingyi Ranged
Pyro Acid Surge
Acid Surge
Breathe forth an acidic cloud that damages the Durability of weapons and armor of enemies. 2 1 Painted World of Ariamis Ranged
Pyro Flash Sweat
Flash Sweat
Drastically reduces Fire Damage received. 3 1 Laurentius Support
Pyro Iron Flesh
Iron Flesh
Player gains large amounts of Poise and defenses but has movement greatly impaired. 3 1 Laurentius Support
Pyro Power Within
Power Within
Increases attack and defense but constantly drains health of the player. 1 1 Blighttown Support
Pyro Undead Rapport
Undead Rapport
Turns Undead into allies for a short time. 7 1 Quelana of Izalith Support
Black Flame
Black Flame
Stronger version of Great Combustion. 8 1 Chasm of the Abyss Short Ranged



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