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The Prowlers are a group of dark spirits in Dark Souls II.


Next to the Ashen Idol and on the staircase that lead to The Smelter Throne.


The Prowlers will invade once the player has approached the Ashen Idol before The Smelter Throne. Initially, one Prowler will invade the player, but once they proceed to the staircase, four more will spawn in and engage in combat. All five Prowlers must be defeated in order to banish the invader.


Upon stepping out of the lift, the first Prowler will spawn next to a nearby Ashen Idol positioned in plain sight. This idol heals enemies in a similar fashion to Warmth. The player may fight the Prowler in front of the idol, concentrating in dealing consecutive attacks to compensate for the constant healing it provides. Another method is to simply lure the Prowler back to where the lift is, out of the reach of the idol's healing powers, and confront him there. When the Prowler has sustained enough damage, however, he will retreat back to where the idol is to replenish his health. Once defeated, the player is advised to deactivate the idol with the use of a Smelter Wedge.

As soon as the player steps on the nearby staircase, four more Prowlers will spawn. All of them will already be hostile and come rushing after the player, even they haven't seen them yet. It's not advisable to take on all of them at once, or they will pummel the player with arrows and melee attacks which cause Bleed build-up. A good strategy consists in simply running back to the lift (wearing the Silvercat Ring is recommended to avoid falling damage if the lift is too far away) and simply stay on it until all of them lose interest. Then approach the staircase slowly and draw them in one by one by using a ranged attack. These four Prowlers have significantly less health and stamina than the first one, and their attacks frequently leave them open for backstabs or normal combos.

Each of them uses an Estus Flask, so Lloyd's Talismans are very useful for fighting them. 


  • Each Prowler has a chance to drop a piece of the Mad Warrior Set and a Berserker Blade.
  • They can be respawned by burning a Bonfire Ascetic on the Foyer bonfire.
  • They perform the "Hurrah!" gesture upon killing the player.
  • The player will be allowed to exit the game at any time, even if some of them are still around, unlike what happens with most invaders where the "Quit Game" option is not accessible until the enemy has been banished.
  • Prowlers are unique in that they are the only invaders in the game that invade as a group.
  • The first Prowler is much tougher, having about twice the amount of health than the rest.