Projected Heal is a miracle in Dark Souls III: The Ringed City.

In-Game Description

A miracle discovered in the last days of Lothric. Toss a light that heals those near the point of impact.
Even those who had forgotten the caress and bounty of the Princess of Sunlight did their best to recall her image. The stories spun about her were most certainly childish, and yet gravely sincere.


Found in The Dreg Heap. After meeting Amnesiac Lapp for the first time, progress through the area past him guarded by numerous Murkmen. Upon reaching the area overlooking the Harald Legion Knight, look to the right, where there is an ash pile at the bottom of a drop leading to a battlement remnant being patrolled by a banner-wielding Lothric Knight and several Murkmen. Drop onto the ash pile below and clear the area, the Miracle will be on a corpse behind a summoning Murkman.


The caster fires an orb that heals everything in its vicinity upon hitting a surface. Has the same animation as Emit Force. All allied players affected by the spell will be healed for 1.7 times the Spell Buff rating of the catalyst. For catalysts that also scale with Intelligence such as Crystal Chime and Sunless Talisman, only the Spell Buff from Faith is taken into account.

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