For the skill, see Profaned Flame (skill).
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Flame Swathe.

Profaned Flame is a pyromancy in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Pyromancy deriving from the Profaned Flame.
Engulfs foes at range and burns them to ashes.
The Profaned Capital was consumed by fire after Yhorm the Giant became a Lord of Cinder. The fire, born of the sky, is said to have incinerated naught but human flesh.


Found in Irithyll Dungeon, on the floor in the Giant Slave's cell. It is guarded by the giant itself and numerous Hound Rats.


The caster waves the catalyst, conjuring a flame at the target's location. The flames concentrate and focus at the location for approximately 1 second before exploding, inficting 2.6 times the Spell Buff of the catalyst as Fire damage. The explosion will also knock down any enemies in the area.

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