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The Profaned Capital (罪の都 Tsumi no Miyako, The City of the Sin) is a location in Dark Souls III. It is a subsection of the Irithyll Dungeon.


The Profaned Capital is a highly decimated ruin that has somehow sunken into a great chasm, the only natural light pouring from a crack in the cavernous walls. Very little of what was once a proud civilization remains, making this area quite small. The state of the Capital is in such disarray that the only things remaining are a few bridges and tunnels, a vestige of a great tower, a church sunken in a swamp, and the throne room of Yhorm the Giant. The rest of what was once a prosperous realm has long since corroded away. An overlook of the Capital is viewable from Irithyll Dungeon.

One of two bonfires is within the central tower, its interior hollowed out, but its heights traversable thanks to numerous ladders up and down its interior and exterior. The source of the ladders is no mystery, as the corpse of Laddersmith Gilligan can be seen splayed out right by the bonfire, where the player can learn a gesture.

Off to the side is a network of tunnels with multiple holes in the floor, opening up to a caverous, filthy swamp that inflicts Toxic instead of Poison and is occupied by Sewer Centipedes. An old church in visible disarray is half-sunken in the swamp, populated by grotesque hand-headed creatures. A path by the church leads back to Irithyll Dungeon, where one can access otherwise-blocked cells.

On the other side of the chasm and across a half-decimated bridge is a great and ornate façade, flanked by inactive gargoyles. Handmaids surround a golden brazier that perpetually burns, perhaps being the Profaned Flame itself. The entrance is flanked by two antechambers filled with more handmaids, the left one also accessible by the previously-mentioned bridge. Scattered across the whole floor are artifacts of gold and silver, as well as piles of charred, half-melted bodies. Straight ahead is the chamber of Yhorm himself.


The Profaned Capital was ruled over by Yhorm the Giant, descendant of an ancient conqueror, who was nevertheless asked by the previously subjugated people to lead them.[1] A sorcery school was established there, one of two leading schools claiming to be heir to the legacy of Big Hat Logan. The court sorcerers from the Profaned Capital also served as oracles, as golden stitching of their robes suggest.[2] Although they were undeniably intelligent and adept in their craft,[3] it is possible that they did not follow Big Hat Logan as much as they claimed to.[4]

As a result of a curse shared between a group of women, the everlasting Profaned Flame was triggered. Despite their culpability, the women went on living carelessly, although they then turned into malformed creatures.[5]. After Yhorm became a Lord of Cinder in order to stop the Profaned Flame,[6] the city was burned down by fire said to be coming from the sky. It consumed only humans.[7]

Part of the flame is preserved in icy skull, found in Irithyll Dungeon.[8] It serves as a prison, in which guards are Jailers, survivors from the Profaned Capital.[9] Handmaids serving in the Capital reportedly took pleasure in hurting others.[10] Both Jailers and Handmaids are survivors of the Profaned Capitol, wield fiery attacks, and enjoy inflicting pain on others, signifying that the Profaned Flame not only has physical effect, but psychological ones. Gargoyles wielding either spears or hammers (into which the Profaned Flame is imbued) are encountered throughout the Profaned Capital.[11] It is not known if they appeared before or after the city was ruined.

Sometime after the Profaned Flame destroyed the Capital, Pontiff Sulyvahn discovered the Profaned Flame and the Capital, "a burning ambition took root within him".[12] He would later infuse the Profaned Flame within his own greatsword, and would perhaps introduce the Profaned Flame to the Fire Witches, leading to their hearts being consumed by it.[13] They would learn to use its power and summon firestorms with their halberds.[14], and would eventually take Irithyll for themselves.

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The Profaned Capital is a subsection of the Irithyll Dungeon and comprises the following bonfires:






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