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The Primal Knights are enemies in Dark Souls II. They can be found in Doors of Pharros, where they wear rusted armor, and Drangleic Castle, where they wear gold armor and are considerably more powerful.

The Primal Knight is a very large, bipedal, mammoth-like warrior with a greatshield and a giant halberd.


These immense warriors were created by King Vendrick using a forbidden long-lost sorcery. This "sorcery" was discovered by the King's brother Aldia, who conducted various experiments in his manor in order to find it.


Primal Knights are fought similarly to the Sentinels of Anor Londo in Dark Souls in that they are slow with very powerful attacks. The player must carefully flank them and attack once or twice before retreating to avoid being crushed by a powerful blow.

In Doors of Pharros, the Primal Knights are made more difficult by the player's being in waist-high water, thus slowing movement speed. They are also accompanied by other enemies, and players not in the Rat King covenant will be summoned and attacked by Rat King players if they are anywhere between the two bonfires. They are made much easier to fight with the help of lightning based attacks, like Great Lightning Spear, due to the water in the area.

Amusingly, the Primal Knights in Drangleic Castle, namely the pair at the very beginning, do not get back up after being successfully parried. Although this is an unwise strategy, those confident in their abilities may find it useful.

Some of the Primal Knights in Drangleic Castle will disguise themselves as stone statues until the player gets close. Not all the statues of Primal Knights will animate but the player is advised to use caution around the statues, to prevent attacks from behind.


Tusk Charge: Uses its tusk to charge at the player. The Knight will put its head down before charging.

Swipe: Swings its halberd in a very broad fashion