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Priestess Set
Physical Defense 129 Poise 0
Strike Defense 134 Poison Resist 53
Slash Defense 126 Bleed Resist 51
Thrust Defense 126 Petrify Resist 63
Magic Defense 80 Curse Resist 63
Fire Defense 79
Lightning Defense 112 Durability 200
Dark Defense 90 Weight 6.8
Type Armor Sets

The Priestess Set is a light armor set in Dark Souls II.


Dropped by Dark Priestess, Merciless Roenna (minus the headpiece), and Peculiar Kindalur (gloves and skirt).

In Scholar of the First Sin, the whole set can be found behind an illusory wall in Brightstone Cove Tseldora, just before the Prowling Magus and Congregation fight.

Set pieces[]

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