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For the Dark Souls variant, see Power Within.

Power Within is a pyromancy in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Forbidden pyromancy amongst those who internalize flame.
Temporarily boost attack, but gradually lose HP.
A pyromancer fears the flame.
However, this fear subsides once it is accepted as a substitute for strength.


Found in the Grand Archives. Inside the darkened room located after the big wax vat area, the first wax vat, look for a lever on a pillar along the wall between 2 bookcases and pull it. While facing the lever, a bookcase on your left will move, revealing a secret room with a corpse holding the spell.


Increases all damage dealt by the caster by 20%, as well as increasing stamina recovery speed by 30 points per second. The caster constantly loses approximately 1% of their maximum HP per second for the duration of the spell. Buff lasts for 30 seconds and does not stack with Carthus Beacon.

In PvP, attack power is increased by 15% instead.


The overall benefits of Power Within provide the caster with a powerful advantage, but as a result, do not last very long, and use of it will require more strategic thinking prior to being cast, especially if one has a low HP pool and is facing aggressive enemies.

It has a rather slow cast time that can be easily interrupted, and since pyromancy flames do not have a variant of the Unfaltering Prayer skill found on talismans, this will require ample space between the player and the enemy in order to cast the pyromancy successfully.

Since it drains away the HP of the caster, it is very well capable of killing the player if it is cast at low health.

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