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The Possessed Armor Greatbow is a greatbow in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Old Iron King.

In-Game Description

Greatbow wielded by possessed armor.
Crafted with multiple layers of iron,
resulting in almost excessive sturdiness.
These suits of armor were once decorations,
until the black fog ruling the tower seized
control of them.



The Possessed Armor Greatbow has innate Dark damage and scaling, and is the only greatbow in the game that has split-damage types; the other greatbows will require an infusion for this effect.

Despite not using a stabilizing anchor, this greatbow has a similar rate of fire to that of the Dragonslayer Greatbow, although the drawing animation is similar to the Alonne Greatbow's. Essentially, this greatbow is the dexterity-oriented variant of the Dragonslayer Greatbow, as both have the same weight, durability, and maximum shot range; the only differences are the scaling and stat requirements.

While dark greatarrows do not exist in the game, the dark damage inflicted by this greatbow carries onto other greatarrows, allowing even the Iron and Destructive Greatarrows to damage an enemy attempting to block the shot, though the damage inflicted will be low.

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