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For the Dark Souls III variant, see Poisonhorn Bug.

Poison Horn Beetles are enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Are these beetles the source of the poison that fills the earth below the mines, or are they merely the only insect that can survive in these conditions? Either way, they suit the Queen's tastes perfectly.[1]


They are slightly shorter than the player, with a broad width for their body. They are mostly purple in color with black lining and holes all over their body where they spit out their poison mist.


They are encountered in The Gutter and Earthen Peak.


Poison Horn Beetles will emit a green cloud when threatened that will inflict poison buildup very rapidly when standing near it. Ranged weapons can be used to dispatch them from a safe distance but they can be easily defeated at close range, provided you wait until they stop releasing the fume. It is not a good idea to fight several beetles at once as you can easily be overwhelmed and be poisoned by their poisonous cloud.

Beetles may perform a headbutt attack at close range. Whilst the damage is minimal, the stun effect can leave the player vulnerable to any poison clouds.


Item Lifegem
Green Blossom
Green Blossom
Drop Rate ??? ???


  • Their first attack will always be releasing their poisonous mist and the second one will be a headbutt.


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