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The Pilgrims of Dark is a covenant in Dark Souls II. It is geared toward PvE gameplay.

How to join[]

Talk to Darkdiver Grandahl in three separate locations:

  1. Shaded Woods: From the Shaded Ruins bonfire, advance forward until an open area is reached. Start walking right and past the two towers that lead to Scorpioness Najka. There will be a boarded up hole in the nearby grassy area by the cliff, which will let the player drop down to Grandahl. To break it, the player must simply walk over it.
  2. Black Gulch: Dropping down from the cliff near the two Razorback Nightcrawlers will land the player on a ledge with a locked door. To obtain the key for it, drop down two more times into an enclave that houses two Elite Giants; killing them will grant the Forgotten Key, along with a Soul of a Giant.
  3. Drangleic Castle: In the room to the right of the first bonfire, activate the door in the far left corner by killing a Stone Soldier near it. Inside the room will be a Ruin Sentinel and a hole leading down to the Faraam Set, Under Castle Drangleic bonfire, and Grandahl's third location.

After speaking to Grandahl in all of these locations, the player will be able to join the covenant at any of them.

Advancing in the Covenant[]

Players may talk to Darkdiver Grandahl to open the portal to the Dark Chasm of Old. The first time is free, but every subsequent trek costs one Human Effigy. In the Dark Chasm of Old, players may fight NPC black phantoms, and clearing the area will add one cleared dungeon to the player's count. The dungeon players enter is dependent on where they speak to Darkdiver Grandahl when opening the portal, with there being one unique portal in each of the locations the player spoke to Darkdiver Grandahl initially. Each dungeon contains a beacon, which must be lit with a torch. Lighting all three beacons and clearing all three dungeons allows the player to face the Darklurker.


  • Upon joining, the player receives the Abyss Seal, which makes hexes 7% stronger at a cost of 30 HP per cast.
  • In the dungeons accessed by giving Darkdiver Grandahl a Human Effigy and entering the opened portal, there are various black phantom NPCs that may be farmed for souls and Bonfire Ascetics.
  • After reaching Rank 3 in the covenant, speaking to Grandahl will grant the player a Dragon Chime.
Rank Requirement Rewards
+0 - Abyss Seal
+1 1 Dungeon cleared Resonant Soul
+2 3 Dungeons and all beacons lit Great Resonant Soul
+3 Defeat the Darklurker Climax, Xanthous Set, unlimited access to Dark Chasm of Old


  • Burning a Bonfire Ascetic on any of their adjacent bonfires, won't reset the progress the player has made inside of the covenant.
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