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The Phoenix Parma is a small shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A small shield decorated with a phoenix.
The sea of flame that swallowed the Iron Keep took this shield as well, but when it was retrieved it was mysteriously unscathed, save a degree of discoloration.


The shield is located in a chest in the Iron Keep. The chest is located down the stairs from the wheel that turns off the giant furnace, and some burning slabs must be crossed to reach it. Very high fire defense is needed to survive this.


The Phoenix Parma can be used to block fire attacks. It has low stability so players will likely to be stunned if trying to block many powerful fire attacks.

This shield get 100% Fire Reduction when infused with Fire.


  • This shield's design was based on one of the winners of the Dark Souls II Shield Design Contest, the Shield of Ash.
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