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Pharis's signature hat

Pharis is a mentioned character in Dark Souls.


Pharis is described as an accomplished and heroic archer that ranked beside Hawkeye Gough, despite his status as a human.[1]

Pharis may have perished in Darkroot Garden as the Forest Hunter Archer there can be seen wearing his hat and bow.


It is common for the Dark Souls community to refer to the Forest Hunter Archer in Darkroot Garden as Pharis himself. However, the person wearing Pharis's equipment is a woman.

The name Pharis may be a reference to Paris of Ancient Greek mythology. Phonetically speaking they are similar, both are noted to have been skilled archers and speculatively both died on steep elevations. Paris having fatally wounded Achilles, by firing an arrow through his heel during the Trojan war. Perishing himself in one version of the legend on a mountainside.


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