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Petrified Dragon Bones are upgrade materials in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A large petrified bone. Reinforces equipment made from special souls.
Commonly called dragon bone, but the veracity of the name is questionable. In any case, this petrified bone houses great power.

General information[]

Weapons upgraded with Petrified Dragon Bones gain 30% physical damage per upgrade and can be upgraded up to +5 for a maximum bonus of 150% physical damage (×2.5 base physical damage). Overall, it takes a total of 15 Petrified Dragon Bones to fully upgrade a weapon that was created using a boss soul.


Things Betwixt


Heide's Tower of Flame

The Lost Bastille

Iron Keep

  • In the furnace next to the Smelter Demon's boss room. The furnace must be turned off by activating a valve located near the top of the external wall.
  • On a body hanging from a broken set of stairs below a Pharros' Contraption. This is the same body which held the Dull Ember in the original game. (SotFS)

Shaded Woods

Brightstone Cove Tseldora

Black Gulch

Drangleic Castle

Shrine of Amana

Undead Crypt

  • On a corpse in a corner near a ladder in the first graveyard area.
  • Dropped by the Dragonrider. (SotFS)

Aldia's Keep

Dragon Aerie

Dragon's Sanctum

Cave of the Dead

Brume Tower

  • ×8 are found inside a metal chest located behind a breakable wall after the Foyer bonfire. The wall is found in a small, perpendicular hallway, just before reaching the long hallway with spikes on the wall that is parallel to the storeroom with several powder kegs. It can be destroyed by chasing a Cask Runner toward it and hitting it with fire.
  • On a corpse at the end of the initial hallway of the tower inhabited by several Scorchers.

Frozen Eleum Loyce

Frigid Outskirts


This video shows how to quickly get as much Twinkling Titanite and Petrified Dragon Bone as desired. The use of Yearn facilitates the process, though the Crown of the Sunken King DLC needs to be installed. This method does not work in Scholar of the First Sin since using a Bonfire Ascetic does not reset chest loot.