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The Painted World of Ariamis (エレーミアス絵画世界) is an optional location in Dark Souls, accessible through Anor Londo.


It is a snow-coated land with an old structure resembling a cathedral; high atop a mountain and surrounded by cliffs.

A total of ten types of enemies can be encountered in this area, including the boss, most of which are only found here. Those encountered elsewhere drop a much higher amount of souls here.



In order to access this world, the player must first pick up the Peculiar Doll located in the Northern Undead Asylum, upon the return visit later in the game. When examining the large guarded painting in Anor Londo, the player will be mysteriously pulled into the cloistered area.


Priscilla the Crossbreed, the boss of the area who resides in a tower, will not begin attacking straight away, instead imploring the player to leave her world. Unless the player jumps off the ledge behind Priscilla, it is impossible to leave the Painted World of Ariamis, even with the Lordvessel's warp ability or through the use of a Homeward Bone or the Homeward miracle.

If Priscilla is attacked, attempting to leave by jumping off the ledge will result in death. At this point, players will only be allowed to leave upon her defeat.


The Painted World of Ariamis, as the name suggests, was created by Ariamis.[1] At first, it was known as the Great Painting of Ariamis. Painting Guardians were ordered to protect it through generations. There were some other unnamed paintings, however, the main duty of the guardians was to protect those of Ariamis. At some point, the Guardians were not able to recall the reason for doing so.[2]

The Painted World of Ariamis was probably created to hide Crossbreed Priscilla. The key to entering this land is the Peculiar Doll. Once considered an abomination which has no place in this world, Priscilla clutched this doll tightly and was eventually drawn into the lonely, painted world.[3] This abomination was the birth of the Dragon Crossbreed, which is considered a bastard child.[4][5] She was considered an abomination because the gods of Anor Londo feared her Lifehunt ability, seen as the antithesis of all life and a threat to their immortality.[6]

Once it was a peaceful land with kind inhabitants.[1] It hosts a building similar to an old cathedral, whose annex served as a storage house.[7]

The Painted World of Ariamis has much in connection with Velka, Goddess of Sin. Within it, the Black Cleric Robe can be found, said to be given to pardoners serving Velka.[8][9] Other items attributed to Velka are scattered throughout the area, unique ones that can either be traded or obtained only in the Painted World: Ring of Sacrifice (sacrificial rite to Velka),[10] Velka's Rapier (used by her pardoner),[11] Vow of Silence (her secret rite).[12] Dark Ember obtained in Painted World is no longer known to any living blacksmith in the outside world, as it was long hidden by the church.[13]

Crow Demons were designed as Velka's worshipers, whose bodies warped due to their devotion.[14] They are the only enemies from which Souvenir of Reprisal can be obtained. It is said to come from guilt-soaked offenders of the Gods, punished by the Blade of the Darkmoon.[15] However, it is dubious if this early developer idea made it through into the final game. Velka oversees a list of the guilty that one day will be judged with Blades of the Darkmoon,[16] and it would be unusual for the goddess to punish Crow Demons for worshiping her.

Dark Souls III

The Painted World of Ariamis likely rotted and was set on fire in order to be restored. This is a usual cycle within painted worlds.[17] The history of Painted World is no longer known in Lothric. It is taught only in the mythology of heretics, passed down just among them,[18] and in ancient tales of the hunchbacked teller.[19] Those heretics are Corvian Storytellers, spreading tales of Painted World among forlorn ones. They are wretched beings with no place to go,[20] just like their followers, Corvians, the unwanted ones possessed by fear.[21] Some of them wield Great Corvian Scythe, visually resembling the one used by the mistress of the Painted World and causing bleeding.[22] It is a reference to Priscilla's scythe rather than Friede's, mistress of Painted World of Ariandel.

Company Captain Yorshka is speculated to be the daughter of Crossbreed Priscilla.

Black phantom[]

Black Phantom Xanthous King, Jeremiah will invade unhollowed players that venture into the graveyard near Phalanx. Once defeated, he will drop the Notched Whip, and make the Xanthous Set available on a corpse just before the world's exit.


  • After exiting the Painted World safely, casting Homeward or using a Homeward Bone will return the player to the bonfire in Anor Londo, near the Darkmoon Knightess, and not the bonfire within the Painted World.
  • Later warping to the Painted World via the use of the Lordvessel and then using Homeward or a Homeward Bone will cause the player to be taken to the last outside bonfire rested at, so long as one does not rest at the bonfire within the Painted World of Ariamis. This method only works if warping into the Painted World through the use of the Lordvessel and will therefore be impossible if entering for the first time.
  • The player can hear eerie ambiance in the graveyard, near the prison blocks in the area to the right of Phalanx from the bonfire.















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