"Indeed, I am a sorcerer. With plenty to share.
What champion demands service without recompense?"
— Orbeck

Orbeck of Vinheim is a character in Dark Souls III.

He is voiced by Brendan Patricks.

In-Game Description

Once an assassin for hire, a sorcerer only in name, exiled from the Dragon School of Vinheim after turning Undead, on a journey to explore the depths of sorcery.


Orbeck hails from Vinheim, home of the Dragon School. He was fascinated with sorceries, but lacked the means to pursue his goals and thus joined the Dragon School as an assassin.[1] However, when he became Undead, he was exiled from Vinheim, and so traveled to Lothric to continue pursuit of his dream.


Orbeck is first met in the Crucifixion Woods, on the second floor of the ruins where the Crystal Sage is fought. Should the player have 10 or more Intelligence and request to learn sorceries from him, he will relocate to Firelink Shrine and become a sorcery trainer. Equipping the Scholar Ring will count toward this 10 Intelligence total.

Orbeck's presence at Firelink Shrine is contingent on the player providing him with sorcery scrolls, as per the promise made to him at the Crucifixion Woods. Should the player fail to bring him at least one sorcery scroll before defeating four bosses, he will leave for the remainder of the current playthrough, and his quest can only be attempted again on the next playthrough.

Learning sorceries from Orbeck will yield various rewards. Once the player has purchased any four sorceries and has given him at least one sorcery scroll, Orbeck will gift them the Young Dragon Ring, provided that they did not start off as the Sorcerer class. After purchasing Aural Decoy, Farron Flashsword, Spook and Pestilent Mist, Orbeck will reward the player with the "Silent Ally" gesture, along with the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring.

When both Orbeck and Yuria of Londor are present at Firelink Shrine, Yuria will request that the player deal with Orbeck and present proof of the deed. The player may choose to kill Orbeck at any time and present his ashes to Yuria in exchange for the Morion Blade, or spare him in order to complete his questline and obtain his ashes much later.

Upon giving Orbeck all four sorcery scrolls and purchasing every available spell from him, he will bid farewell to the player and leave Firelink Shrine. He will then become available to summon for fighting the Twin Princes, once Firelink Shrine has been reloaded at least once to confirm his departure. Once the Twin Princes have been defeated, Orbeck's corpse can be found within the Grand Archives and his ashes looted. Obtaining the ashes unlocks the Clandestine Coat for purchase from the Shrine Handmaid, while the ashes can be given to Yuria for the Morion Blade (as all of Orbeck's sorceries have already been purchased by this point, giving them to the Shrine Handmaid would end up wasting them).



Quantity Item Cost
1 Soul Arrow 1,000
1 Great Soul Arrow 3,000
1 Heavy Soul Arrow 2,000
1 Great Heavy Soul Arrow 4,000
1 Farron Dart 500
1 Soul Greatsword 5,000
1 Farron Flashsword 3,000
1 Magic Weapon 3,000
1 Magic Shield 3,000
1 Spook 2,000
1 Aural Decoy 2,000

Sage's ScrollEdit

Quantity Item Cost
1 Great Farron Dart 2,000
1 Farron Hail 5,000
1 Pestilent Mist 1,000

Golden ScrollEdit

Quantity Item Cost
1 Cast Light 1,000
1 Repair 2,000
1 Hidden Weapon 1,500
1 Hidden Body 3,000
1 Twisted Wall of Light 6,000

Logan's ScrollEdit

Quantity Item Cost
1 Homing Soulmass 6,000
1 Soul Spear 5,000

Crystal ScrollEdit

Quantity Item Cost
1 Homing Crystal Soulmass 18,000
1 Crystal Soul Spear 15,000
1 Crystal Magic Weapon 10,000


Item Orbeck's Ashes
Orbeck's Ashes
Drop Rate Guaranteed



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