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The Orange Charred Ring is a ring in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

An orange ring enchanted by a witch. Reduces lava damage.
Since his sores were inflamed by lava from birth, his witch sisters gave him this special ring. But fool that he is, he readily dropped it, and from that spot, a terrible centipede demon was born.


The ring is found by chopping off the Centipede Demon's tail. It also drops if the Centipede Demon is defeated outright.



Buff's icon.

The ring greatly reduces damage taken from lava and is a necessity for traversing Lost Izalith if the player does not take the alternative route.

This ring adds fire to the kick animation and when the player falls on the opponent, dealing fire damage to opponents.



  • The original Japanese description for the Orange Charred Ring is "魔女の魔力が込められた橙の指輪. 溶岩からのダメージを軽減する. 生まれながらに溶岩に苛まれる「爛れ」のために 姉である魔女たちが贈った特別な指輪だが 愚かな彼は、それをすぐに落としてしまい 恐ろしい百足のデーモンが生まれたのだ".
    A more accurate translation of this description would be "Orange ring filled with the magic power of a witch. Reduces damage from lava. It is a special ring that the witches, who are his older sisters, gave for his inborn “sore” tortured by lava, but the fool dropped it before long. For a terrible centipede demon had been born.".
  • The Witch's Ring in Dark Souls III is very similar in design to the Orange Charred Ring, although its effect is completely different.