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The Onyx Blade is a greatsword in Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel.

In-Game Description

Elfriede, the eldest amongst her sisters and leader of the Sable Church, bestowed this sword to her knight.
Only, the sword was a farewell gift, and acceptance signified the knight's resignation from Elfriede's service.
Skill: Elfriede's Blackflame
Enwreath blade with blackflame, born of the similarly-hued flame that smolders within her.


Dropped by Sir Vilhelm when he is defeated in the Corvian Settlement.


A weapon tailor-fit for Pyromancy builds, the Onyx Blade specializes in dealing strong elemental damage.

With stat requirements that diverge greatly from those of other greatswords, this weapon can only be properly wielded by builds with high investment in Intelligence and Faith, both of which fuel its Dark damage output. As its scaling in Strength and Dexterity is rather poor, those stats are best left as low as possible, as they do not benefit the weapon.

Borrowing its moveset from the Claymore, the Onyx Blade grants its wielder strong area coverage with its swings as well as thrusting attacks to give it formidable reach. In terms of length, it is the longest greatsword in the game, tied with the Wolf Knight's Greatsword. This gives it a tremendous advantage in that it can dictate the terms of a battle by preventing foes from easily approaching to attack.

The weapon's skill briefly augments the blade with Fire damage, greatly increasing its lethality. This skill can also be used as an attack in its own right, granting very fast Hyper Armor while also inflicting increased damage with the swing itself. While this buff is active, the Onyx Blade becomes a powerful threat, able to cut through foes with tremendous ease.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Horizontal slashes.
Strong Attack
A solid thrust. Further input yields an extended left-to-right slash.
Weak Attack
Alternating vertical slashes.
Strong Attack
A two-handed thrust. Further input yields a rising sweep.
Jump Attack A vertical chop.
Jump Attack
Same as above, but two-handed.
Running Attack Spins around, performing a circular sweep with the sword.
Running Attack
Same as above, but two-handed.
Rolling Attack Slams sword downward.
Rolling Attack
Two-handed forward stab.
Kick Standard kick.
Weak Attack
Blocks with sword.
Strong Attack
Swings from left to right.


Upgrade Level Attack Values Aux. Effects Bonuses
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Dark Bleed Poison DSIIIWFrost.jpg Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith
Onyx Blade 80 115 E E D D
Onyx Blade +1 (Twinkling Titanite ×1 & 830 souls) 89 128 D D D D
Onyx Blade +2 (Twinkling Titanite ×2 & 1162 souls) 95 137 D D D D
Onyx Blade +3 (Twinkling Titanite ×4 & 1494 souls) 112 160 D D D D
Onyx Blade +4 (Twinkling Titanite ×8 & 1826 souls) 126 180 D D C C
Onyx Blade +5 (Titanite Slab ×1 & 2490 souls) 140 200 D D C C

The data displayed above are current as of Patch App 1.15 Regulation 1.35.

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