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Oliver the Collector is a dark spirit that appears in the Iron Keep.


This eclectic dark spirit wears the Minotaur Helm, Steel Armor and Drakekeeper Gauntlets and Boots. His vast arsenal includes the Santier's Spear, Bone Fist and Smelter Hammer in his right hand and the Majestic Greatsword, Puzzling Stone Sword and Ricard's Rapier in his left hand.

He's also equipped with the Redeye Ring.


Since the Bone Fist, Smelter Hammer and Majestic Greatsword are capable of attacks that can send the player flying, it's advisable to never engage this enemy with the backs to the lava pit. At the same time, players can take advantage of this deadly fall with weapons like Ultra Greatswords and Lances: this would make the drop unavailable though.

Players who can inflict high Lightning damage can lure him to the urns found near the ladder and bait him to break them to lower his Lightning defense (and increase his Fire defense).

Since he has no mean to defend himself from ranged attacks, players can exploit this weakness to take him down safely from the distance. His vast arsenal and heavy armor also leave him with very little stamina and fat rolls.

The numerous enemies of the area can make short work of this dark spirit, if a Seed of a Tree of Giants is used.



From the Ironheart Hall, proceed to the right and trigger the lever: this will lower the suspended platform and open a path to the ladder that leads to the upper section of the room. At the end of the hallway, past another ladder, a wooden chest is found: when the player approaches said chest, Oliver will invade.

It's possible to access the aforementioned ladder without triggering the lever: with enough momentum, the player can jump from the platform with the Alonne Captain to that with the ladder.


Item Human Effigy
Human Effigy
Minotaur Helm
Minotaur Helm
Drop Rate Guaranteed 5%