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The Old Mirrah Greatsword is a greatsword in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Greatsword issued to the proud knights of Mirrah's official order.
This greatsword demands advanced skill in a rare and unique sword technique.
A tiny message is inscribed in the blade, a promise to someone special.


Rare drop from Dark Spirit Aslatiel of Mirrah in Aldia's Keep.


Though it is identical in almost every way to the Mirrah Greatsword, the only key differences are the significant drop in the weapon's durability and lower base damage. While its counterpart has a total of 60 durability and a base damage of 125, the Old Mirrah Greatsword has a durability of 20 and a base damage of 110. The lower durability significantly reduces its effectiveness in PvE if proper actions are not taken during the journey, thus making the Mirrah Greatsword a better choice for this situation.

Like the Mirrah Greatsword, it upgrades with regular titanite. However, unlike the former, at +10 reinforcement, the base damage is 220, and the Dexterity scaling goes from A to S. In terms of damage, the Mirrah Greatsword will still outclass the older variant, unless one has a large pool of Dexterity, but the former catches up quickly due to its higher base damage.


  • The decrease in the durability, as well as the name of the blade itself, allude to this greatsword being through quite a lot of conflict, and the blademaster who owned this sword is likely no longer around.
  • Piecing together Lucatiel's conversations, the matching descriptions of both blades, and the fact that Aslatiel invades the player and can drop this blade upon their death, could possibly mean that this belonged to Aslatiel himself. However, it is unclear how much time had passed before he disappeared/died, but the bitter blade of the sword might explain that he has been missing far longer than initially implied, as time in Drangleic is indeed convoluted.


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