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The Old Knight Hammer is a great hammer in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

An undated great hammer.
Wielded by a warrior from a time so ancient that there exists no record of his endeavors. Has extremely low durability.
Sometimes, just as a thing falls to pieces, it unleashes its last flash of great power...


  • Old Knight - drop
  • Found in a chest in Drangleic Castle, after Twin Dragonriders boss fight. The chest is in the next room to the room that have a golem activating the elevator.


The Old Knight Hammer has no scaling, so it's best to be infused with Raw. Raw Old Knight Hammer +10 has an AR of 575. It has higher poise damage than any other weapon in the game, tied with the King's Ultra Greatsword at 65. It also has a low stat requirement, needing only 15 STR to two-hand and use at full potential. It shares the same moveset with the Large Club.

Because of it's low durability, using Repair, Repair Powder and Bracing Knuckle Ring is recommended. When this hammer breaks, player has chance to perform Wrath of the Gods.

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